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Letter To The Editor: Fighting For Gun Sense

on February 21, 2018 - 12:09pm
Los Alamos

When it comes to gun violence, we can hardly keep up with the news. One deadly shooting follows another, and there’s no appetite for change in our GOP-led, NRA-bought Congress.

But in all that bad news, I want to focus on our local representatives who are fighting for gun sense.

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on February 21, 2018 - 5:48am

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Letter To The Editor: Common Sense?

on February 21, 2018 - 5:46am
Los Alamos

No sooner do we hear about the school shooting in Florida then the Liberals start playing the “Blame Game” and gun control groups scream for “Common Sense” gun laws.

“Common Sense gun laws”. That’s all you anti-gun politicians and gun control fanatics ever say you want.

Just what is your definition of “Common Sense”?

To me “Common Sense” is if you don’t know anything about guns don’t try to be an authority when talking about them or trying to pass laws restricting them.


Letter To The Editor: Absurd Number Of Guns In U.S.

on February 20, 2018 - 12:47pm
By Douglas and Dorothy Reilly
Los Alamos

Recent media articles have discussed the problem of guns, and school and mass shootings. The basic problem here is the absurd number of guns in the USA; our country has over 11 times as many guns per 100 citizens as the average of the rest of the world.

There are about 88 gun deaths per day in the USA. Barely 2 percent of these are mass shootings, over 80 percent are suicides, and the rest domestic arguments, police shootings, and accidents. The availability of a gun makes a suicide or a domestic incident much more likely to result in death.



Letter To The Editor: A President’s Day Lament

on February 19, 2018 - 3:31pm
Los Alamos

The USA is caught in a slow-motion disaster, the worst in several decades. 

The roots of the disaster are deep, but the rise of the neo-conservative movement, Fox News, a fleet of conservative pundits, and the Tea Party mark the beginning. These new forces have led to the emergence of a radical, populist constituency with leadership such as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump who are intent on changing the core values and government of the USA—whatever it takes.

By 2016, this long-standing political divide had hardened into a fierce partisan battle for the

Letter To The Editor: Family Of Ronald B. Swartz Thanks Los Alamos And White Rock Community

on February 13, 2018 - 3:23pm


Santa Fe


My uncle, Ronald B. Swartz, was the gentleman who was hit in the head by a flying rock in White Rock recently. Sadly, he passed away as a result of his injuries.

His funeral will be held this coming Friday in Santa Fe. He was a wonderful man and I wish you could have known him.

On behalf of my extended family, I would like to express my appreciation to all those in the Los Alamos/White Rock community, especially to the off-duty first responder who was at the scene and immediately stepped up to help Ronnie, Los Alamos Fire Department Station 3 and Los Alamos


Letter To The Editor: Perfect Powder

on January 30, 2018 - 5:48am
Los Alamos

Sitting in the car today outside the Unitarian Church waiting for my younger daughter to finish her piano lesson, my older daughter asked me to guess the five questions the paramedics asked her in the ambulance on the ride to the hospital two days ago. I really had no idea so I said just tell me. These were the questions: Are you pregnant?, Are you depressed?, Are you homicidal?, Is someone in your household homicidal?, and Do you fear living at home? 

I wish this somehow had surprised me but it didn't.


Letter To The Editor: Second Class Citizens Get Second Class Road Repairs In White Rock

on January 27, 2018 - 9:40am
White Rock
Recently loads of dirt and gravel mixed with what looks like petroleum were dumped on the sides of the road in Pajarito Acres and La Senda under the guise of shoulder repair. The work was announced Jan. 5, 2018 in the Los Alamos Daily Post (link).
This mixture seen in the photos of the work has done nothing to address the actual crumbling and disappearing asphalt. It has, however, created a very hazardous, slippery, ugly and messy condition for pedestrians, bicycles and animals, which share the roadway with vehicles. The dust created by this mixture is heinous.

Letter To The Editor: Kathleen Parker, Back At You

on January 26, 2018 - 8:20am
Los Alamos
Kathleene Parker (link) notes that I did not comment on the hot-button issue of immigration. That was the point of one of my other points--specifically, don't create hot button issues.
Immigration is the obvious one. Both the left and right are staking out combative positions on immigration and playing to their respective bases while eschewing common ground.
The right has a valid point that illegal immigrants, whether DREAMers or otherwise, are here illegally.

Letter To The Editor: Response To Spencer Commentary

on January 23, 2018 - 2:15pm

White Rock

Since Khal Spencer invited “disgruntled” Democrats to weigh in on how the party can win elections again, allow me. I come from generations of Democrats, but am now registered as an Independent. The party left me; I didn’t leave it.

I find it telling that Spencer, in his long list of things the party should do, made no mention of the hottest hot-button issue in recent history: Immigration.


Letter To The Editor: ‘Grandma Calls’

on January 20, 2018 - 7:22am
Los Alamos

I guess because of my age, I continue to get scam “Grandma” calls.

I just got one that started with a male voice saying, “Hi Grandma”. When I asked which grandchild it was, I was told the oldest one. My oldest is female.

I asked him to tell me his name. He said, “are you kidding?” I said, “tell me your name”. That ended the phone call.

PLEASE, when you get one of these calls, insist they tell you their name. They know you are a grandparent but don’t know your grandkids’ names. 

These calls usually end by asking you to send money.

–Old Grandma Johnson

Horne: Los Alamos County Politics

on January 18, 2018 - 12:57pm
Formerly of Los Alamos
Since my departure from Los Alamos in November, I have missed so many people that I was blessed to know for the past 44 years that I lived there.
No place we live is perfect, but there are certain elements that seriously detract from the good. Those elected or appointed to government positions should listen to and serve the people in their community. I personally do not miss that faction of Los Alamos County.
I believe there are many devious, self-serving individuals who have previously and currently hold positions on the Los Alamos

Spencer: Dems Have To Learn To Win Elections Again

on January 15, 2018 - 8:24am
Los Alamos

Upon reading former Sen. Jeff Bingaman's recent endorsement of Damon Martinez for Congress as published in the Los Alamos Daily Post, my first question was "Huh? What district?". Since I doubted Jeff would be blind siding our incumbent, I checked to see where Mr. Martinez is running and indeed, it is in District 1, Albuquerque. Ok, so not a big issue for those of us out in the Provinces. Except for dealing with those trying to mine District 3 wallets for the District 1 race.

But on a more serious note, I was disappointed that the best that our former Senator could

Nephesh: Nonprofits Are Not Loopholes

on January 12, 2018 - 9:47am
By Tsiporah Nephesh
Executive Director, New Mexico Thrives
Nonprofits are a crucial part of the fabric that strengthens our communities. Many provide vital services, while others add to the quality of life. But nonprofits will have a diminished role in New Mexico if Governor Martinez gets her way. She would like to end the tax exemption for nonprofits as part of a plan to close tax loopholes. But nonprofit tax exemptions are not loopholes.
Governor Martinez is talking about restructuring the tax system in such a way that it could have devastating impacts on how nonprofits operate.

Letter To The Editor: Public Safety Measure

on January 12, 2018 - 6:29am
House District 23
Crime is out of control in New Mexico. Property crimes in Albuquerque are the highest in the nation and violent crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Crime, particularly related to drug abuse, is rampant in communities throughout the state.
It seems like every night brings news of some horrible crime in our communities. But, ironically, we know how to effectively fight this problem and we have the ability to fix it. The question is whether, in this next legislative session, we have the will to fix it.
Over the past several months I have talked

Obituary: Scott Wilkinson Jan. 16, 1958 – Jan. 9, 2018

on January 11, 2018 - 10:16am

SCOTT WILKINSON Jan. 16, 1958 – Jan. 9, 2018

Scott Wilkinson has gone home. He was born January 16, 1958 to Gerald (Jerry) Wilkinson and Betty Jane Christensen, and left this world on January 9, 2018.

Scott was many things in his life; a son, a brother, grandfather, an uncle and cousin, a husband and a father, and a friend and confidante. Most importantly, he was a kind and caring soul, and a selfless, simple kind of man. He was most in his element when he was giving, whether to those less fortunate or those who were hurt.


Sheehey: Fiscally Responsible vs. ‘Fiscally Conservative’

on January 4, 2018 - 8:36am
Los Alamos County Councilor

The recent letter “Save for the Lean Years” (link) is full of inaccuracies that demand a response. Of course during years of plenty, we should keep some funds in reserve. That is why I have always supported our county policy to maintain over $10 million (15 to 20 percent of general fund revenues) in an uncommitted reserve, above and beyond the 8 percent (for us ~$4.5 million) required of all counties. In my five years on County Council, when more funds have been available, I have worked to invest those funds in growing our local economy.

New or

Letter To The Editor: Cowboy Pancake Breakfast

on January 3, 2018 - 8:15am
Los Alamos Rotary
Start the New Year with a Cowboy Pancake Breakfast!
The first breakfast of the year is 7-11 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 7, at the Posse Lodge on North Mesa Road. The all-you-can-eat breakfast features a variety of pancakes plus eggs, sausage, bacon, coffee and juice.
Adult meals are $7 and children 10 and under eat for just $4.
This month the proceeds from breakfast will benefit the Rotary Club of Los Alamos.

Letter To The Editor: My Last County Council Meeting

on December 26, 2017 - 9:59am
Los Alamos
I attended last Friday's Council meeting because the construction of a bicycle flow trail in Bayo Canyon was on the agenda. I have followed the progress of the flow trail proposal, have attended the public meetings sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department, and have voiced my opposition to the construction of a flow trail in any of our canyons in my letter to the LA Daily Post at
The original proposal for a bicycle flow trail came from a small group of people who

Nebel: LANL Bidders Please Respond To Questions

on December 23, 2017 - 9:24am
Los Alamos

The last time the lab management contract was put out on bid I remember thinking: “Oh great. Now we are going to have a whole new level of worthless managers sidling up to the trough to skim money out of the lab. Where am I going to find the money to cover the inevitable increase in the overhead?”

The money I was bringing in wasn’t weapons program money and there was no way that my customers were going to cover that increase.

So, what happened? My understanding is that right now a Phd Full Time Equivalent (FTE) costs about $600,000/year at LANL.

Pongratz: A Bit Of Nit Picking

on December 21, 2017 - 1:54pm
Former Los Alamos County Councilor
I think that the term “windfall” is not appropriate to describe the gross receipts taxes paid by LANL contractors. Merriam-Webster defines “windfall” as:
1: something (such as a tree or fruit) blown down by the wind;
2: an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage.
The term is not correct for two reasons: first, the term refers to a “one-time” event. Once all the apples are off the tree you can expect no more apples to fall.

Spencer: Tragedy In Aztec, Revisited

on December 19, 2017 - 7:58am
Los Alamos

Stephanie Nakhleh asks some good questions in her letter regarding the Aztec school shooting and reflects a lot of our mutual frustration with not being able to stop these things from happening. But she may have missed the article in the Albuquerque Journal that stated that the FBI had investigated the shooter and reported him to the local police. The FBI did not have adequate justification to equate William Atchison's obnoxious rants with a credible threat so they could not act on their information to arrest, interdict, or put the future shooter on a no-buy list.

Letter To The Editor: Tragedy In Aztec

on December 15, 2017 - 9:43am
Los Alamos
Perhaps the saddest fact about the awful shooting at Aztec High School last week is that it won’t be the last in New Mexico or anywhere else in America.
Los Alamos High School, where my son is a student, has also faced credible shooting threats in recent years. So has Santa Fe High SchoolEverytown for Gun Safety research shows that the shooting in Aztec is at least the 62nd school shooting nationwide this year.
In 2016, the FBI had investigated the shooter after he made threatening comments in an online gaming forum about mass shootings.

Olions ‘It’s A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play’ Resonates Now More Than Ever

on December 14, 2017 - 7:32am
The cast of 'It’s A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play' on stage Dec. 8. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/

George Bailey Donald Poston) and Mary Bailey (Rebekah Harkey). Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/

Foleys (sound effects people) make some noise. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/


Los Alamos Daily Post

As winter closes in, the Los Alamos High School Olions production of “It’s A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play” is sure to warm your heart. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know the story.

Letter To The Editor: County Council Meeting About Open Space Use Friday

on December 13, 2017 - 3:25pm
Los Alamos

In case you missed the announcement, the Los Alamos County Council will hold a special meeting at noon Friday, Dec. 15, in Council Chambers in the Municipal Building at 1000 Central Ave.

Topics of discussion are the proposed bicycle flow trail and the disposition of the Ski Hill.

If you care about what the County does with our open spaces, you should attend.