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Living Well Los Alamos: Slow Cooker Month

on January 10, 2016 - 7:23am
Extension Home Economist

With the New Year upon us many of us make resolutions to improve our health—both physically and financially.

January is Slow Cooker Month. Slow cookers use less electricity than an oven and because they use long, low temperature cooking, less expensive cuts of meat come out tender. Though we often turn to slow cookers for making winter soups and stews, they also work well in the summer as they do not heat up the kitchen like an oven. You can use your saved time from slow cooking to be physically active or to spend time with your family.


Smart Design With Suzette: 2016 Trend Forecast

on January 3, 2016 - 9:45am
Warm metallics are all the rage. Courtesy photo
Pendant lighting in a kitchen. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Whether your style is contemporary, eclectic or minimalist, interior design trends for the New Year are focused towards turning your home into a desirable space that will embody definitive style.

Trends don't follow a calendar – they evolve. They reach from one year into the next, giving interior design professional’s time to identify them with confidence. Here's what's expected to be hot in the months ahead that will be driving retail globally:

Texture Contrasts

It's A Wonderful Life For Los Alamos Family

on December 24, 2015 - 10:38am
New home groundbreaking ceremony Dec. 11 in White Rock, from left, LAHP Executive Director Steve Brugger, home builder Oscar Duran, home owner Kaitlin Martinez, her children Aemilia and Jackson, LAHP board members Bob Fuselier, Cindy Hollabaugh and Craig Wehner, landscaper Dale Nichols and CEDD Interim Director Paul Andrus. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Jackson Martinez, 2, breaks ground on his family’s new home Dec. 11 in White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

It’s A Wonderful Life For Los Alamos Family

  • Los Alamos Housing Partnership Helps Family Buy New Home

Smart Design With Suzette: Creating A Cozy & Inviting Home

on December 20, 2015 - 7:59am
Welcoming entry. Courtesy photo
Smart Design with Suzette

Creating A Cozy & Inviting Home

You don’tneed to have a lot of money to have a beautiful, inviting home. But when faced daily with the images of people who have more than you, it can be hard to remember that you can still make a lovely space without a lot of money. Whenever you're feeling down about not having as big a budget for home decor as you'd like, peruse this list to remind yourself how to have a fantastic, cozy, and inviting home without spending a lot of money.

Keep It Clean

The act of cleaning has

Smart Design With Suzette: Holiday Decorating

on December 6, 2015 - 12:45pm
A color coordinated holiday dining room. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve begun writing these columns.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my design philosophy with you. I have heard positive feedback regarding my columns and I truly appreciate it.

The holidays are already upon us. I thought I would share some ideas about decorating for the holidays that might inspire you this season.



A unique Hanukkah color scheme. Courtesy photo

Design Tips

  • Embrace different color schemes.

Smart Design With Suzette: Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

on November 15, 2015 - 9:32am
A welcoming entrance. Courtesy photo
Guest bedroom. Courtesy photo


Smart Design With Suzette
By Suzette Fox
Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests
The holidays are upon us, and with them holiday guests. Here are a few tips for getting your home ready for guests with affordable ideas to refresh and organize your home.

The focus is on a few areas of your home – the entrance hall or foyer, the guest bedroom and guest bath.

Entrance Hall/Foyer

This is the first space your guests see as they enter your home. Give a great first impression while making them feel welcome.

Christmas Cookie Proceeds Help NM Veterans

on November 3, 2015 - 10:11am

Proceeds from the Orthodox Church Christmas cookie sales go to Foxhole Homes, a nonprofit focused on alleviating veteran homelessness. Courtesy photo


After a year hiatus, the Orthodox Church in Los Alamos is selling cookies and is now taking advance orders for Christmas cookie boxes.

Past favorites will be available again, along with some new additions. Perfect for shipping to friends far and near; a hand-made present, which goes to support a great cause. The boxes of cookies cost $23.99 for one, or order four or more for $21.99 each.

This year all proceeds from the sale

Smart Design With Suzette: Sustainable Floors In Review

on November 1, 2015 - 9:41am
Wood floor in the living room. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette

Sustainable Floors In Review

Almost a year ago, I wrote about sustainable choices for flooring…tile, bamboo, cork, wood, linoleum (not vinyl), terrazzo and stained concrete. I stated I needed new floors. Well friends, another full year has past and I still don’t have new floors.

Our puppy has literally put holes in most of the carpet and/or area rugs we own, as well as, adding a new stain or two due to ‘accidents.’ Therefore, new carpet will NOT be coming into our home.

Leadership Los Alamos Class Supports Habitat For Humanity's Local Home Building Project

on October 24, 2015 - 11:40am
Members of the 2015-2016 Leadership Los Alamos class, from left, Jonathan Henley, Cindy Hayes, Habitat for Humanity Director Yvonne Maestas and (John) David Jolley met Monday at Ruby K's with Maestas to discuss how they can support the current house building project in Los Alamos. Photo by Nancy Coombs

Smart Design With Suzette: The Wired Home – Raising Your Home’s Intelligence Quotient

on October 18, 2015 - 11:36am
The Kwikset Kevo smart lock. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette

The Wired Home – Raising Your Home’s Intelligence Quotient

When it comes to smart tech systems and gadgets, today’s home can provide more intelligence and convenience than ever before. You’ve probably been hearing about smart home technology for years – the lights that turn on when you pull into the driveway, the dead bolt that springs open as you reach the door.

If you are thinking of raising your home’s intelligence quotient, here are your best bets.

Smart Design With Suzette: Green Living

on October 4, 2015 - 11:15am
Green living. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
Green Living

For a while now I have wanted to write a series of articles on the latest green products for your home. One of my desires is to get the word out to folks far and wide so when it comes time to make renovations there is information available to make decisions with the least negative effect on our environment and our own health. I plan on putting these products in my own home right along with you.

Every object you own -- your furniture, your clothing, your beer cans, your stuff -- comes from somewhere;

Los Alamos Single Family Home Sales Hold Steady Condo Sales Up

on October 1, 2015 - 7:49pm
Los Alamos Association Of Realtors

Single Family Home sales held nearly steady from 69 in the 3rd quarter of 2014 to 68 this quarter. 

Single Family Home sales volumes also remained nearly flat from $21.1M in 2014 to $21.2M for the 3rd quarter of 2015. Condo and Townhome sales jumped in the 3rd quarter of 2015 to 21 units compared to 14 units sold in the same quarter of 2014. 

The median price of Single Family Home sales fell when compared to the 3rd quarter of 2014 or $282,250 to $276,500 in this quarter.

Smart Design With Suzette: Weekend Projects - DIY Ideas That Make A Big Impact

on September 6, 2015 - 8:37am
Before and after bookcases. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
Weekend Projects: DIY Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Well, it’s Labor Day weekend. I’m excited to work on projects around the house that will make a big impact. While my husband is off golfing (I’m a golf widow), I'll have a few extra days this weekend to tackle a DIY project or two.

I've gathered some of my favorite projects that take an afternoon to a full weekend to complete. One might possibly inspire a room makeover this weekend for you!


An inviting entrance. Courtesy photo

Make Your

Extension Service Holds Food Drying Class

on August 26, 2015 - 2:21pm

Smart Design With Suzette: Garages

on August 23, 2015 - 8:16am
The organized garage. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette

If you can’t find room to park your car, it’s time to clear out the clutter and reclaim your garage.

It’s the one part of the house that my family tends to let go. It holds our garbage and recycling, bikes, sports equipment, yard sale items, paint, tools, potting bench and gardening equipment, lawn mower, and of course one car in our two-car garage.

We toss our dirty shoes in there, pile our yard tools on top of each other, randomly stack shelves with odds and ends, and have about a dozen junk

Flamingos Flock 825 Aster Street

on August 18, 2015 - 12:17pm
Flamingos on the lawn at 825 Aster St., the home of Michael and Natali Barkudarov. Courtesy photo

What goes best with pink flamingos? How about a heart-shaped trellis of climbing roses?

This beautiful yard display is the hard work of Michael and Natali Barkhudarov. The front of their home at 825 Aster is a riot of color from the beautiful, lush yard to the Blaze climbing roses and other blooming perennials. Michael and Natasha collaborate on their yard.

Michael says that the yard is beautiful thanks to Natali's attention to the flowers.

Smart Design With Suzette: A Lighting Plan

on August 9, 2015 - 9:38am
A well-lit living room requires a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting. In this living room, recessed fixtures cast general lighting, wall-mounted lights showcase artwork and an adjustable floor lamp provides light for reading. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
A Lighting Plan

Something that often gets forgotten, and which can have a profound effect on the look and feel of a home, is lighting.

Buying And Selling A Home Is A Dance

on August 2, 2015 - 8:16am
Los Alamos Association Of Realtors

Buying and selling a home is a dance. Your date to the dance is your Realtor®. Your Realtor® is going to want to meet you and get to know you and your housing needs. Your Realtor® will then take you to the dance. 

The first of many dance partners will be your lender. If you are a buyer, it is always a good idea to talk to a lender prior to looking for a home so that you know what you can afford.

After you are approved for a mortgage and have found a home, you will start dancing with several different partners.

Wildlife Friendly Home Welcomes Flamingo Flock

on July 29, 2015 - 9:59am
A flock of flamingos swarms Shelly Cross and Troy Matevia's home at 3338 Orange St. Courtesy photo


Shelly Cross and Troy Matevia's home at 3338 Orange St. in Los Alamos is a wildlife sanctuary.

Feeders hang at every window and the yard is aglow with color from a variety of flowering plants. A small fountain bubbles quietly beside the porch swing.

Shelly and Troy have worked hard to turn a fairly barren yard into this quiet paradise.


Smart Design With Suzette: The Value Of Interior Design – Why Hire A Designer?

on July 26, 2015 - 7:59am
An example of a well designed kitchen. Courtesy photo
The Value of Interior Design – Why Hire a Designer?
Smart Design With Suzette

Lately I’ve been pondering how to communicate the value of interior design. Defining one’s personal value is more than what service we offer, of course, but it’s good to communicate a lifetime’s wealth of knowledge in order to help others.

One of the most common myths about working with an interior designer is that it will cost too much.

Smart Design With Suzette: Design That Inspires

on July 12, 2015 - 7:09am
A window wall brings the outside in. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
Design That Inspires

Design that inspires creates emotions that make us feel, make us think and look at the world in a different light. Good design influences us.

It makes us feel peaceful and happy. Good design stimulates the five senses – not all at the same time of course – but deeply.

In America we spend around 90 percent of our time indoors, whether it's at school, work, home, in shops, cafés, events, museums and galleries.

Cooperative Extension Holds Canning Workshop

on July 12, 2015 - 7:05am


Smart Design With Suzette: The Future Of Design

on June 28, 2015 - 7:42am
Bechtel's environmental classroom - Smith College A Living Building. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
The Future of Design

In reading an article recently about design ideas that matter, I was blown away. All roads lead in the direction of resiliency – not just sustainability, but designing and building for the next hundred years. Architects, designers and developers are creating innovations into the next century. Pretty cool stuff.

Buildings That Produce Their Own Energy

Architect Eric Corey Freed feels that the typical new building is an energy glutton.

Home Matters With Sarah: The Appraisal

on June 9, 2015 - 8:07am
Home Matters
Mortgage Loan Specialist
How exciting, you have put an offer on the house you want to buy and it has been accepted! Now the process of inspections begins.
The inspection will help you determine if the house you intend to purchase is a sound investment. One of the most important inspections is the property appraisal. What is a property appraisal and why do I need one?
A real estate property appraisal is an estimation of market value of the house done by a licensed and experienced individual who is trained to evaluate and compare the features the house.

Smart Design With Suzette: Outdoor Living Spaces

on June 7, 2015 - 7:41am
Outdoor theater. Courtesy photo
Backyard design plan. Courtesy photo
Smart Design With Suzette
Outdoor Living Spaces

I love being outdoors this time of year – it’s not too hot, the evenings are cool and let's face it, our sunsets are the very best in the United States.

Creating a relaxing, stylish outdoor living space can greatly increase the appeal and value of your home while providing an oasis for friends and family to enjoy.

  • Purpose: How are you going to use your outdoor space? You most likely will need an entertainment area, cooking area and dining area.