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Work Wraps Up On Aquatic Center HVAC / Boiler Replacement

on November 5, 2014 - 7:04pm

Cleaning Walkup Aquatic Center olympic pool tank. Photo by Denise McCoy

Pool filling with water. Photo by Denise McCoy


Larry Walkup Aquatic staff provided an update this morning regarding the HVAC and Boiler Replacement project. Work is wrapping up and the pool should re-open soon.

“We look forward to getting our swimmers back in the pool at the earliest possibility,” Recreation Division Manager Randy Smith said.

Smith said that the contractor has completed the following work:

  • HVAC installation that serves the front office spaces is nearly finished;
  • The air handler on the mezzanine for the natatorium is installed;
  • The installation for the rear air handler for the natatorium is nearly completed;
  • The ceiling fans are installed; and
  • Boiler installation and related equipment is completed.

At this point, the remaining work involves making control connections for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems for the newly installed equipment. After that, County crews and the contractors will begin maintenance and rehabilitation work to prepare for re-opening. That includes stucco for the front entryway, installing a new drain in the men’s locker room floor, roofing and block work, replacement of interior and exterior lighting, and routine maintenance projects that have been on hold while the project was underway.

The Aquatic Center will notify the public of the official re-opening date  through various County and media outlets, providing one week’s notice after assessing the contractor’s schedule and establishing an adequate level of confidence for the re-opening date. The County’s work is planned to be completed early so that if the contractor completes their work on time, the pool may re-open immediately.  The re-opening plans may place front desk staff and lifeguards working from folding tables to accommodate this early opening, with furniture and remaining staff move-in occurring a few days later.

The project began in August with a goal of replacing the pool boilers and HVAC system with new, more energy efficient systems. The Aquatic Center first opened in April 1988 and most of the mechanical equipment was 26 years old and at the end of its service life. An integrated maintenance plan and an energy audit identified this project as a priority in the on-going building maintenance plan.   

The timing of this project became more urgent as the condition of the boiler serving the Olympic-sized pool deteriorated in the past year – with no replacement parts available for some of the boiler’s components. The project budget is $2.2 million and is funded through the ongoing Major Facility Maintenance Program. 

Embedding Stucco repairs and recolor coat. Photo by Denise McCoy

Upper HVAC units. Courtesy/LAC

Olympic pool boiler. Photo by Denise McCoy

View from upper HVAC. Photo by Leland Lehman/

New ceiling fans. Photo by Leland Lehman/