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What's All This Hoopla At The Library?

on October 5, 2017 - 8:14am
Beginning Oct. 10, the Los Alamos County Library System will roll out a new service called hoopla, which provides a whole new set of delicious digital offerings to its patrons.
The library is adding about 30,000 new items to its digital library. Now library cardholders will be able to stream music and videos, read books and browse comics in electronic formats. The hoopla library is in addition to Overdrive, not a replacement.
“It’s more access to more titles,” Librarian Gwen Kalavaza said.
She talked to other libraries around the country and to the other electronic resources experts at the library before deciding to purchase hoopla for Los Alamos. They were excited by the music and the videos, but especially by the comics, which hadn’t been available before electronically. Hoopla also offers audio books.
People can stream titles instantly through their desktop browser or by using the mobile app. Mobile app users also can download titles to their device for offline playback later, where Wi-Fi may be unavailable. Titles are automatically returned and removed from the device at the end of the lending period.
The public is invited to a hoopla launch party at 6 p.m. Oct. 11 in the Zone at Mesa Public Library (downstairs, off of the children’s area) where staff will be playing videos, listening to music and helping people set up hoopla on their mobile devices. So gather up those smart phones, kindles, and iPads and head on down to the Zone!
To visit the Los Alamos County Library System website, go to
To learn more about hoopla, visit