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WEB Crew Hosts Student Section At Thursday Game

on September 18, 2017 - 6:58am
Coach Andy Ainsworth takes one for the team, helping to raise funds to benefit student projects. Courtesy photo
The Los Alamos Middle School WEB Crew 2017-2018 will host a student section at the first LAMS football game this Thursday. Courtesy photo
LAMS News:

The Fidel Lee Gutierrez Foundation, under the umbrella of the Santa Fe Community Foundation, knew that good deeds would be free flowing when they recently selected the WEB Crew program at Los Alamos Middle School to receive a $500 grant.

The WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Crew began its fourth year where eighth grade leaders welcome seventh graders into LAMS. This was the third year in a row that the youth leadership program was rewarded for their work.

The program trains leaders during the summer and divides the new students into teams to build relationships and engage new students into their school community. The funds allowed the youth to purchase leadership shirts, with a tight turn around and the help of Betty Lou Lebeda and Red Barn Screen prints.

“WEB Crew from the first day of school aims to helps students achieve their greater potential and to make their middle school experience a positive one,” LAMS Principal Mike Johnson said. “WEB Crew helps 7th graders transition effectively from elementary to middle school which is the first time that many of these students have changed schools. We greatly appreciate the donations that help continue this worthwhile program.”

The program invited 313 new seventh grade students to attend orientation, held the day before school starts. The idea is to ease the stress for students starting out in a new school, answer lingering questions and take them on a tour of the facility.

“Words of Wisdom,” are developed by the leaders as they finish their seventh-grade school year. The idea is to highlight what worked for them or what they wish someone had told them at the start. The wisdom is better received by their peers because they are the proverbial, “boots on the ground.”

When she learned of the efforts made by the WEB Crew leaders prior to the start of school that continues throughout the entire year, Sylvia Gutierrez thought of her brother Fidel. He was a community leader and Los Alamos National Bank executive who passed away several years ago after an illness. His love of youth created the Fidel Lee Gutierrez Foundation, which annually benefits youth serving organizations.

She was particularly struck by efforts made during the holiday season to help those in need. She recalled a special time on Christmas Eve when the bank had closed and her brother Fidel “cashed” two paychecks for bank members with his own money. They only had to promise to return the next business day to formally cash their checks.

Two hundred seventy-eight new seventh grade students attended the three-hour orientation that concluded with one sweet ending. Eleven volunteers including staff members, Andy Ainsworth, Ted Atkins, TJ Bonzon and Megan Rains, along with WEB Crew student leaders took a cream pie to the face in order to raise funds for their next activity in September.

WEB Crew leaders receive training monthly and offer activities monthly to keep students engaged throughout the course of the year. Their work includes an opportunity to engage students, provide bullying prevention and ways to give back to their school community and the world.

Their worked continued last Friday when leaders answered any lingering questions for seventh graders and a few eighth graders. The annual, “No question is too dum-dum,” event has leaders rewarding students with, Dum-Dum lollipops for asking questions or telling leaders about a good experience they have had within the first few weeks of school.

Their motto is, “Students Helping Students Succeed - You get back what you give,” and they are living their motto.

WEB Crew leaders will host the first “Student Section,” Thursday at the LAMS football home game.