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Victoria Espinoza Free On Bond

on November 20, 2017 - 8:59am


Just nine days after Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados opted to keep Victoria Espinoza in jail on a cash only secured bond for $3,000 unless she can be admitted to an inpatient drug treatment facility, Espinoza is out of jail after her $3,000 bond was paid. She is slated for a Dec. 1 preliminary hearing in Magistrate Court.

Espinoza was arrested Nov. 3 on a warrant and charged with possession of methamphetamine; possession of heroin; selling, disposing, possessing dangerous drugs; possession of marijuana; and two counts of drug paraphernalia.

At her Nov. 6 hearing, Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist told Judge Casados that Espinoza has a significant history of drug abuse and that she cannot stop herself. He expressed concern for Espinoza’s safety should she be released pending trial, saying he was not afraid she would run and not appear in court, but that she would run and use.

Wahlquist asked the Court to order Espinoza into an inpatient treatment facility adding that it would be a good idea if she stayed in custody until she could go directly into a program. He told the Court that Espinoza can’t stop herself using drugs and that the Court needed to protect her from herself.

Wahlquist declined to comment Monday morning on Espinoza’s release on bond.