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Smith's Marketplace Pharmacist Katherine Fry Nominated For Kroger Community Service Award

on July 29, 2017 - 7:02am
A woman on a mission. Smith's Pharmacist Katherine Fry will visit Haiti in September with the help of Kroger for her 6th mission trip. She was recently nominated for a national award and selected as the highlighted story for District 6. Courtesy photo
Mothers in Haiti carry infants far and sometimes wait hours to receive the most basic of care for their children. The life-saving efforts are assisted by local Heroine Dr. Katherine Fry and donations from Los Alamos. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Dr. Katherine Fry can always be seen at the Smith’s Pharmacy with a smile to sooth and dedication to service, but behind that white coat beats a heart full of compassion.

Fry is the epitome of Smith’s six core values of; Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Safety and Inclusion and was recently nominated for a national Kroger Community Service Award for her volunteer efforts in pharmacy, to serve the people of Haiti.

The nomination came after her volunteer stories were overheard by a diabetes instructor for Smith’s pharmacists. That instructor, Diana Ogborn was so taken by the work, that she would not only nominate this local heroin, but follow in her footsteps, attending two mission trips of her own.

While Fry didn’t earn the big award, she was highlighted for District 6 working to help some of the poorest and sickest children on Earth and demonstrating how Kroger employees “Feed the Human Spirit.” She received a Smith’s gift card, which she instantly donated to Friends of the Children of Haiti. The card was used to purchase over the counter medications used on the trip taken by another team, earlier this month.

Kathryn Fulton an associate and community specialist for Smith’s Marketplace couldn’t be more pleased about the acknowledgement.

“We are so proud and so privileged to have a person of Katie`s amazing compassion and selflessness to represent our store and our community,” she said.

“This September I will be travelling with the same team leaders and some of the same team members that I travelled with last September,” Fry said. “Each team is usually made up of a core group of individuals, other members of the team change but everyone is dedicated to melding into a good working group as you eat, sleep, work and play together with the goal of helping the Haitian people to the best of the groups combined abilities.”

The Smith’s stores in Los Alamos and White Rock will collect donations to make a difference during Fry's trip. Small items like; 4 ounce plastic baby bottles and nipples, cloth diapers, pins, flip flops and tooth brushes will be taken by Fry to boost her efforts.

On the September 2016 trip, Fry met a woman and although they spoke different languages, Fry knew the woman admired her black and pink tennis shoes. While she couldn’t give them to her at the time, this year they will return with her in hopes of crossing paths with that patient again.

Her home team supports her efforts by covering her shifts while she is away.

“I have worked for Smith’s regularly since 2001, first in Los Alamos, then in White Rock and I am again in Los Alamos,” Fry said. “I have great coworkers and find myself challenged most every day.”

Readers can learn more about the mission work by visiting, also find a link to help Fry as she heads for her sixth trip in five years this September by visiting