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Smart Design With Suzette: Fireplace Design

on October 13, 2017 - 7:43am
Fireplace with a glass wall. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

While each person has his own vision of the perfect home, there are certain design elements that leave everyone equally stunned. If I had to choose an item that suits every home and is always welcomed by people with various interests that would certainly be a fireplace!

Fireplace design ideas aren’t easy to find. Many of my clients need help with their fireplace whether updating it, redesigning it or adding one to suit their taste, wants and needs.  

Why are fireplace designs so special? Think about all those special moments when family members and friends gather around them. Think about muted lights, wine or hot cocoa and pleasant conversations. That’s why…they hold an emotional connection – feeling safe, warm and loved. It’s what they represent.

Fireplaces have come a long way from heating the home. Today they are an important design element in modern living rooms. In fact, fireplace design includes a cornucopia of options to choose from – a hanging modern firebox; central hearths surrounded by fireproof glass; or settle for the classical stone/brick choice. With no positioning rules, your fireplace can fit wherever you want it to be.

A ‘real’ fireplace
Are you one of those people who support the ‘Nothing can beat the tradition’ theory? If yes, forget about modernistic transformations and stick to a stone fireplace. Stone fireplaces are the best solution because of their rustic charm and the ability to make their surroundings cozier. Their aesthetic is a powerful attractant since they really bring nature inside of your comfortable home.

A modern fireplace
We live in a time where almost any material could be used (glass and marble included) for a fireplace. Modern fireplaces can adapt to every style and be placed wherever you want them. Thanks to the creativity of today’s designers, fireplaces come in all inspirational and intriguing shapes and they are easily integrative in every environment.

Ethanol fireplaces
The most popular trend nowadays is an ethanol-burning fireplace because of its minimal looks, effortless maintenance and flexibility. Ethanol fireplaces are eco-friendly, since they work with denatured ethanol that produces no smoke or ashes once the fire is on.

These fireplaces have no vents which means that heat stays in the room rather than disappearing through the chimney. In terms of flexibility, ethanol fireplaces can be easily transferred from one place to the other, with easy installation (both the freestanding and built-ins).

‘Floating’ fireplaces
Still looking for some more flexible solution? Let us introduce you to the so-called floating fireplaces. These are the best choice for limited space, as they usually hang from the ceiling and they don’t attract too much attention.

Floating fireplaces are examples of modern fireplace design that goes as far from the traditional ones as possible. They can be placed anywhere where there are high, spacious ceilings.

Electric fireplaces
Electric fireplaces may look like real ones, but they only imitate their appearance and their functions. Some people, however, find them to be very practical and are cheaper than a regular fireplace. They match both traditional and modern homes and are an equally smart choice for apartments and houses.

Fireplace as room separators
Fireplaces that work as room separators are brilliant! Let’s say you have an open floor to design or you wish to create a private area in the living room. Putting a fireplace between is perfect as it is welcomed on each side of the room. It is also a great solution to separate the living room and the dining room.

What about the corners?
Don’t have room for a large fireplace? Think about a corner fireplace. Often corners are empty and need something to fill it. The result could be breathtaking!

Fireplaces are the loveliest home detail, which relates a warm, friendly aesthetic to special and intimate occasions. They keep both bodies and souls warm. As days get shorter and cooler, snuggling up with a blanket, sipping cocoa and reading a good book by a fireplace seems (to me) the most perfect place to be.

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