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Scenes From 2016 LAESF Scholarship Event

on July 25, 2016 - 10:55pm
The 2016 LAESF scholars from Los Alamos County at the recent award reception, from left, EliseAnne Koskelo, Helen Milenski, Nicholas Kolesko, Cody Aikin, Nikola Draganic, Devon McCleskey, Katherine Wang, Deanna Gutierrez Madeline Lockhart, Cade Mallett, Madison Foley, John Rees and Connor Bailey. Courtesy photo
From left, Tony Fox, LANL Foundation Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Scholarships; Steven Girrens, LAESF Campaign Champion; Sharon Stover, Los Alamos County Clerk; James Owen, LANL Foundation Board Member and Bill Wadt, LANL Foundation Board Member and Immediate Past President. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos National Laboratory employees pledged a record $393,419 during the recently completed 2016 Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF) drive.

The drive encourages Laboratory employees, retirees and subcontract personnel to donate to a fund that awards college scholarships to Northern New Mexico students. Additionally, more employees participated in this year’s campaign than in past years.

“Our employees know first-hand that education can unlock opportunity for these talented students who hold the promise to be future leaders in government, industry or the non-profit sector,” said Steven Girrens, Los Alamos’ associate director for Engineering Sciences, this year’s LAESF scholarship drive champion. “This scholarship program provides an opportunity for employees, contractors and retirees to play a valuable role in helping our region’s high school and college academic stars attain their higher education goals.”

Scholarship winners from Los Alamos County (all 2016 graduates of Los Alamos High School unless otherwise noted) are:

  • $20,000 Gold Scholarship - Katherine Wang
  • $10,000 Silver Scholarship - EliseAnne Koskelo and Devon McCleskey
  • $10,000 Senator Pete Domenici Scholarship - Seung Heon (Victor) Kim
  • Up to $5,000 Bronze Scholarship - Cody Aikin, New Mexico State University; Connor Bailey; Rebecca Cai; Caitlin Dahl, Brigham Young University; Nikola Draganic; Deanna Gutierrez; Eun Jin (Grace) Kim; Nicholas Koskelo; Madeline Lockhart; Cade Mallett; Helen Milenski, University of New Mexico; Austin Orr, University of New Mexico; John Rees; Isabelle Runde; and Rachel Wallstrom
  • $1,000 Northern New Mexico American Society for Mechanical Engineering Scholarship - Helen Milenski, University of New Mexico
  • $1,000 William & Gertrude Fradkin Memorial Scholarship - Madison Foley

Winners from Rio Arriba County and Pojoaque:

  • $10,000 Silver Scholarship: Francis Castillo de Mulert, Santa Fe Preparatory School; and Evelyn Juarez, Española Valley High School
  • $10,000 Senator Pete Domenici Scholarship - Shawn Fernandez, Peñasco High School
  • Up to $5,000 Bronze Scholarship - Olivia Arellano, Pojoaque Valley High School; Jesse Atkinson, Northern New Mexico College; Dayna Campbell, Pojoaque Valley High School; Guadalupe Carranza-Alvarez, McCurdy Charter School; Marcos Castellano, New Mexico State University; Victoria Coronado, Mesa Vista High School; Miranda Martinez, Pojoaque Valley High School; Kyana Montoya, Pojoaque Valley High School; Mariah Pacheco, Pojoaque Valley High School; Wanonce Rakestraw, Peñasco High School; Jean Cedrick Reburiano, Coronado High School; Shania Salipan, Espanola Valley High School; and Megan Vigil, Pojoaque Valley High School.
  • $4,000 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Scholarship - Miranda Martinez, Pojoaque Valley High School
  • $2,500 Raymond M. Chavez Memorial Scholarship: Dayna Campbell, Pojoaque Valley High School
  • $1,000 Tim Martin Memorial Scholarship for Mesa Vista High School graduates: Jesse Atkinson, Northern New Mexico College; Victoria Coronado; Kylie Gallegos; John-Paul Howard; and Victoria Lovato
  • $1,000 Rae Lee Siporin Scholarship: Monique Chavez, Dulce High School; and Ashton Ulibarri, Escalante High School 

Winners from Santa Fe Indian School:

  • $10,000 Senator Pete Domenici Scholarship - Kylea Garcia
  • $10,000 Susan Herrera Scholarship - Shayna Naranjo
  • Up to $5,000 Bronze Scholarship - Michael Bancroft, Misty Quam and Chyanne Quintana
  • $1,000 Northern New Mexico American Society for Mechanical Engineering Scholarship - Craig Pajarito

The 2016 LAESF scholars from Rio Arriba County at therecent award reception, from left, Miranda Martinez, Dayna Campbell, Marcos Castellano, Victoria Coronado, Kylie Gallegos, Victoria Lovato, John-Paul Howard, Guadalupe Carranza-Alvarez, Evelyn Juarez and Shania Salipan. Courtesy photo

The 2016 LAESF scholars from Santa Fe Indian School at the award reception from left, Misty Quam, Craig Pajarito and Kylea Garcia. Courtesy photo