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NMDOT Announces New Safety Corridor N.M. 128

on October 18, 2019 - 5:31pm
HOBBS Safety is the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s number one priority and NMDOT has announced the designation of a new safety corridor on N.M. 128 from mile marker 5 to mile marker 50 near the New Mexico/Texas State Line.
Safety is the Department’s top priority. Motorists will notice increased law enforcement presence from New Mexico State Police, Eddy and Lea County Sheriff offices.
“The NMDOT is committed to making this road safer. The safety corridor program provides improved signage, funding for law enforcement overtime, and gives the local enforcement authorities the ability to double the fines for any moving violation,” NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Mike Sandoval said. “NMDOT also has several infrastructure improvement projects under development for this area - and this safety corridor is an immediate step we can take to help educate and enforce safe driving.”
Motorists will see a total of 30 new signs upon entering and leaving a safety corridor, as well as signs that alert drivers that there will be zero tolerance for violations in the corridor. The safety corridor segment was selected by reviewing historic accident and fatality data, a speed study which demonstrated a median speed limit substantially higher than posted, driver behavior, as well as input from law enforcement.
“There will be strict enforcement of driving laws with zero tolerance for violations,” NMSP Chief Tim Johnson said. “If drivers obey the speed limit and other laws, there will be fewer crashes. Almost all crashes in the area are caused by excessive speed, distracted driving, and following too closely.”
“Our priority is keeping people safe on our roads and highways and the Department will continue to encourage safe driving habits,” said Franklin Garcia, Modal Divisions Director. “It is so important that motorists drive safely and continue to pay attention, go the speed limit, wear a seatbelt, and obey all traffic laws.”
“The Permian Strategic Partnership applauds today’s announcement of a new safety corridor on N.M. 128,” said Tracee Bentley, Permian Strategic Partnership CEO. “Improving road safety for everyone is a top operational priority for our member companies and we fully support Secretary Sandoval and welcome law enforcement’s actions to improve signage and implement a zero-tolerance policy for traffic violations.”