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New Mexico House Republicans Push For DA And Law Enforcement Funding

on November 20, 2017 - 11:04am

GOP News:

ALBUQUERQUE—Today, House Republican Representatives Gentry, Adkins, Maestas Barnes, Smith, Hall and Rehm sent a letter to the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) urging them to increase funding for the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s office and state law enforcement agencies.

In his testimony before the LFC in September 2017, 2nd Judicial District Attorney Raul Torrez informed the committee that though nearly 48 percent of that state’s violent crimes and 70 percent of auto thefts occur in the 2nd Judicial District, his office receives only 27 percent of the funds allotted to New Mexico’s prosecutors. The Republican lawmakers stated that the 2nd Judicial District’s workload has far outpaced its resources, and they requested that the LFC provide an additional $6.5 million to the office.

In addition, the representatives asked that the LFC boost funding for the New Mexico State Police Department and other state law enforcement agencies.

“As public officials, our first obligation is to protect the safety and security of citizens,” they wrote. “This funding increase is essential for the adequate prosecution of criminal activity in New Mexico. It would also help to ensure that precious state resources are being targeted to meet the areas most in need.”

Copy of the letter to the LFC: