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Meow Wolf Debuts Stunning New Installation

on September 25, 2017 - 11:30am
Art Collective caps astonishing summer with The Art Motel, presented by Zappos. Courtesy photo
LAS VEGAS, Nev.  In April, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe won a coveted THEA Award from the Themed Entertainment Association in Anaheim, California for the collective’s first permanent installationHouse of Eternal Return.

Since then, the group has enjoyed a nearly incredible summer where it concluded the fastest regulation crowd fund in history, secured $1.1 million in Local Economic Development Act funding from the State of New Mexico and City of Santa Fe, began distributing grants to over 100 national art collectives through a new, annual $215,000 DIY Fund, announced $125,000 in annual donations to Santa Fe schools for arts and sports equipment, was designated Top Ten Music Venue In The United States by Yelp, sponsored the CRUSH Festival in Denver, and produced an ambitious “Summer In The Multiverse” program with 100+ live performers that led to the highest attended months yet.

Now, thanks to a generous sponsorship by Zappos, Meow Wolf will premiere The Art Motel at this weekend’s Life Is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas, Nev., Sept. 22-24.

The Art Motel features over 100 artists from Santa Fe and Vegas tackling 21 different rooms inside a 13,000 square foot retro, classic Vegas-style motorlodge. Every door in the hotel will open into a new and explorable environment such as slime rooms, cloud spaces, total sound environments or dimensions made from ramen.
This is the most eclectic project Meow Wolf has undertaken, and different from other installations in the past. 

“Zappos called and gave us the opportunity to take our vision to a new place,” Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek said. “Life Is Beautiful is one of the premier events of festival season, and they care a lot about the artwork side of the festival experience. We can’t wait to share our imaginations with the people of Vegas.”

The hotel rooms surround the center of the installation, a 6,000 square foot courtyard housing Helter Shelter: a neo-psychedelic neighborhood of fantastical huts that will be a daily reprieve space for festival-goers. 

Helter Shelter huts use interactivity as a leading feature of their dense, maximalist personalities. For example, Laser Harp Hut, which has a tiny stove pipe that vents fog into the air above the village, is a darkened environment where guests can play with one of Meow Wolf’s magical musical instruments.Buttonland is a portal to crowd-operated art---an opportunity for visitors to program their own light and sound displays on a glowing wall of arcade-style buttons.

Gretchen and Baby Gretchen offer colorful accommodations for relaxation and contemplation. Performers and neon lanterns near the town square create a sense of community at night, while audiences can also retreat to the stars inside Helter Shelter’s cartoonishly adorable Observatory.

After the conclusion of Life Is Beautiful, Meow Wolf will gear up for more major announcements including the location of their next permanent exhibition. 

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