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Meet LAHS Math Teacher Stephanie Abney

on November 18, 2017 - 7:36am
Los Alamos High School math teacher Stephanie Abney at her desk. Photo by Serenity Maestas/
Sudent Intern
Los Alamos Daily Post

While Los Alamos High School is full of wonderful teachers, one of their most loved staff is math teacher Stephanie Abney.

Abney went to Los Alamos for her four years of high school, graduating in 2010. Abney attended Colorado State University to earn her degree and got a job in Colorado. But later she wanted to come back to her hometown to fulfill her goal of becoming a softball and volleyball coach.

“I came back to give back to the community and be close to home.,” Abney said. “I wanted to teach because I knew I would connect with the kids since I also went to school here, and because they are quirky, funny and a real pleasure.”

“It’s funny that I am now coaching with my old coaches,” Abney said. “Coach Burdette was my softball coach and Coach Dedi Stokes was my volleyball coach.”

Abney loved high school and was voted Best Personality of her class, she said.

“For my Senior Prank, my friends and I painted ‘The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, BEWARE’ on the old high school building because it was being torn down,” Abney remembered. “It was the greatest thing ever.”