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Los Alamos Quilt Heads To Washington, D.C.

on September 12, 2019 - 8:43am
Holding up their Christmas Tree skirt, from left, quilters Roberta Day Idzorek, Micki Taylor and Zena Thomas. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Christmas Tree skirt quilters, from left, Micki Taylor, Roberta Day Idzorek and Zena Thomas. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos Daily Post
New Mexico has been selected to provide the Capitol Christmas Tree as well as 75 other Christmas Trees and tree skirts for the Federal Government buildings in Washington, D.C. and
members and friends of the Los Alamos Piecemakers Quilt Guild have risen to the call.
A local team of three led by Zena Thomas and including Roberta Day Idzorek and Micki Taylor have created a magnificent 12-foot in diameter Christmas Tree skirt, which will be placed under a 25-foot tall Whitten tree in the US Department of Agricultural (USDA) Building.
“We felt honored to represent New Mexico in this way,” Thomas told the Los Alamos Daily Post.
All 75 trees heading to Washington, D.C. will be harvested from the Carson National Forest. In addition to providing trees, New Mexico volunteers are providing Christmas Tree skirts and 10,000 ornaments of various sizes.
This is where the Los Alamos Piecemakers and friends came into play.
In preparation for this monumental task, the trio identified their strengths. Day Idzorek went to work determining the pattern sizes. Thomas started designing the background while Taylor gathered material that represented New Mexican customs and traditions. The inner circle of the tree skirt depicts the many cultures here in New Mexico. Images of chiles, the Senora de Guadalupe, cowboys, Dia de Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) are a few examples that can be found among the many patches placed on the lower section. The background has mesa's, forests and beautiful desert scenery on which images of petroglyphs and other symbols of new mexico are placed.
“It was a joy to make this Christmas Tree skirt together and getting to know Roberta and Micki better,” Thomas said.

Los Alamos women who contributed to the creation of this heirloom in addition to Taylor, Day Idzorek and Thomas, include Ann Hayes, Deb McLin, Julia Goen, Karen Harrington and Marian Kirchner. Also, greatly appreciated is Nicole Dunn of Nicole Dunn Quilting in Los Alamos who shared her studio and the use of her long arm machine for the project.

The Christmas Tree skirt shipped out Sunday for Washington, D.C. The skirt will be returned after Christmas and the women hope it will be utilized in the coming years at a public place in Los Alamos or at the state capitol in Santa Fe.

Micki Taylor holds the phone as Roberta Day Idzorek, left, and Zena Thomas gather for a selfie with their Christmas Tree skirt. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
The reverse side of the Christmas Tree skirt depicts Christmas themes. Photo by Carol A. Clark/