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Los Alamos County Submits Comments To NNSA On Draft Solicitation For LANL Site Management And Operating Contract Competition

on July 28, 2017 - 9:42am


Both County Council Chair David Izraelevitz and County Manager Harry Burgess submitted letters to NNSA Wednesday outlining concerns about the draft solicitation for LANL site management and operating contract competition, just ahead of the July 26 comment deadline.

Burgess’ letter highlighted primary concerns that the County would like to see addressed, and the letter from Chair Izraelevitz offered more details and attached documentation.

Burgess listed 13 points in his letter, which ranged from concerns over the structure of the contract to a lack of recognition and language in the solicitation about the important relationships that must be maintained and funded with the community, businesses, schools and Northern New Mexico partners.

The letter from Izraelevitz detailed specific shortcomings in the solicitation’s Scope of Work and compared it to other sections in the existing LANL management and operations contract that were far more specific, measureable and binding on the next selected contractor for community support.

“We hope to send a strong message to NNSA with these two letters that addresses the depth and breadth of our concerns with the draft solicitation,” said Izraelevitz, adding that he hoped NNSA would take the suggested revisions and additional language under special consideration with a high priority given to Los Alamos’ comments.

Burgess said that the short comment period of two weeks had made it challenging to respond in a precise manner, especially given a three-page limit stipulated by NNSA. Burgess’ letter conformed to the limitation to ensure the County’s letter would have official receipt status; however, both Burgess and Izraelevitz did not want to miss an opportunity to give additional, more specific feedback to NNSA, which was the purpose of the letter from the Chair.

Izraelevitz, Burgess and Councilor Chris Chandler will travel to Washington, D.C. shortly to follow up on the draft solicitation with NNSA officials as well as the congressional delegation. The solicitation is expected to be released in late September.

“This is one of the most important outcomes facing our community in the next year,” Burgess said. “We will continue to monitor and actively engage with NNSA on behalf of Los Alamos to ensure that we have a place at the table throughout the bidding process and contract negotiations with the selected contractor.”

Letter from Council Chair David Izraelevitz to NNSA:

Letter from County Manager Harry Burgess to NNSA: