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Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero Endorses Jeff Apodaca For Governor Of New Mexico

on September 14, 2017 - 11:20am
By Sheriff Marco V. Lucero
Los Alamos County
As the Sheriff of Los Alamos County, I would like to express my strong support of Jeff Apodaca in his bid to be the next Governor of New Mexico.  
I grew up with Jeff and have known him, his values, and his character since we were 12 years old. Together we attended junior high through our college days at the University of New Mexico. Jeff was presented with some very difficult circumstances while he was young, and his unwavering faith and strength helped him overcome cancer. This is a true testament to his character.
Mr. Apodaca’s plan to educate, train and retain the youth in our state by providing them with opportunities to earn a decent living is innovative - and will work to move our state forward.
As the father of two young boys, Jeff is truly invested in our state and has a plan that will bring us from one of the worst to being one of the best. Jeff believes that it is not the responsibility of Washington, D.C. to care for New Mexico, but that it is our own work and dedication that will turn New Mexico around.
I hereby endorse Jeff Apodaca to be our next governor in the state of New Mexico.