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Los Alamos County Council Proclaims October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

on October 1, 2017 - 7:55am

Police Chief Dino Sgambellone adds some finishing touches in 2014 to the rock in White Rock together with a group gathered to send the message that men as well as women oppose domestic violence. Police officers who see the effects of domestic violence on men, women and children in their work every day are keenly aware of its negative consequences. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/


The ​​Los Alamos County Council presented a proclamation declaring October Domestic Violence Awareness Month to Police Chief Dino Sgambellone during its regular meeting Tuesday evening in Council Chambers. 


WHEREAS: Each October, the formal recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month allows the community to acknowledge and show their support for the victims of this destructive, life-damaging crime; and

WHEREAS: We must prioritize addressing the problem of domestic violence in our community every day of the year, through awareness, prevention, response and support; and

WHEREAS: Domestic violence impacts males & females of every age, background, ethnicity and belief - its impact reaches far beyond victims and perpetrators, causing disruption in our schools, work places, worship centers and neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS: Home should be a place of warmth, unconditional love, tranquility and security. Home and family should be one of our greatest blessings. Tragically, for many men, women & children, home life is destroyed by fear, physical violence & emotional abuse, often causing lifelong trauma. Domestic violence is often perpetuated from one generation to the next; and

WHEREAS: As individuals and as a community, we need to increase our capacity to deal with domestic violence, supporting victims in their quest for safety and life reconstruction, and holding perpetrators accountable for their behavior;

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the Council of the Incorporated County of Los Alamos, I do hereby proclaim the Month of October 2017 as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Los Alamos County, and urge all citizens to unite with LAPD and other local organizations in upholding the basic human right to be free from violence and abuse by promoting domestic violence awareness, utilizing the resources in our community to effectively address the issues of domestic violence, identifying immediate and long-term support for victims to rebuild lives, and working toward solutions to end domestic violence in our community.