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Letter To The Editor: There Will Be A Time For Compassion But For Now Immigrants Must Be Vetted

on April 10, 2017 - 8:31am

Los Alamos

After reading the proposed resolution constructed by Los Alamos County Councilor Pete Sheehey, and agreed upon by Council Chair David Izraelevitz, I too am voicing my opinion.

The history of immigration in our country has had different issues to take into consideration over the past two centuries. Our government has had to implement various policies and procedures about immigration to fit our needs. From the very early days in 1875 restrictions and policies barred convicts and prostitutes from entering. In 1882 they added to the list “paupers and mental defectives” and for a time all Chinese.  These might sound outrageous but they were part of the ban. They even approved literacy tests only allowing immigrants who could read a language, if not they were not admitted! In the 1930's, 40's and 50's, 80 percent of all visas were granted to people from European countries. Skilled workers received priority over non skilled. Professionals received highest priority at times.

My point is that none of these policies were placed without thought and reasoning. There was a purpose and a goal in sight.

The world situation is complicated and the organized terrorist groups have become a serious threat to all countries. We Americans have to think about what is going on around us and be highly aware and vigilant to our surroundings. Just because we don't have a terrorist attack every week doesn't mean we are safe.

Let's not be so anxious to bring more “innocent” immigrants in without knowing who is tagging along as a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. Let's stop being so naive. For we Americans can be extremely naive.   Let's be smart, reasonable, and patient! Let's allow our truly concerned leaders to halt immigration from the countries where some of the most dangerous terrorists are conspiring against us! No this is not racist or racism — it is critical thinking!! It is critical to our safety. Without feeling safe what do we have? Our situation is going to get worse not better. What President Trump is trying to do is nip terrorism at the bud.  Other counties are finding out that they should have taken more serious precautions a few years ago and now face tragic consequences from terrorist attacks as we watch the news! 

In conclusion, we feel pretty safe in our sheltered community. We are far from the maddening crowd. We focus on what can bring our citizens enjoyment, pleasure, and recreation. We are still not taking things too seriously. And yet we want to help the less fortunate and play fair and look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Let us not confuse naiveté with compassion. We do not live in the same world as our forbearers. Immigration then is not to be compared to immigration now. There are terrorist groups and individuals already here planning to do us harm. 

Lest we forget there are laws and a constitution that spell out what the President of the US can and cannot do. And he is within his presidential authority to call for a ban. This is Temporary until the vetting process can prove it works. For a better and safer future, let's support our constitution and our new leaders. There will be a time for compassion. For NOW let's be more realistic and PATIENT! The county councilors do not speak for us and our political views. And Councilor Sheehey needs to get off his high horse and stop trying to think for us as citizens! This resolution is not about how we treat people or morality — it's an attempt to undermine the President's authority.