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Letter To The Editor: Thank You Doesn’t Do Your Kindness Justice...

on September 7, 2019 - 2:28pm

Dear Los Alamos,

I don’t know any of you personally, but I did get to meet a few of you through the tragic loss of our dear daughter, Colleen O’Bannon, July 6, 2019, on the hill headed to Los Alamos.

Although it was undoubtedly the worst day of my husband, Jim’s and my life, your community of Los Alamos treated us with such care and dignity.

In the most difficult of situations you can ask no more then to feel the loving care of others.

The professional people with whom we dealt were kind and patient and as comforting as one could be given the circumstances. The chaplains, Jenn who helped Jim and me as well as Lindsay, who stayed by Emma’s side until she was medically released were wonderful. They stayed with us and Jenn even led us out (of town), so Emma did not encounter the scene.

The officers from Los Alamos at the scene as well as Santa Fe County sheriff’s office at the hospital were professional and empathetic. The Good Samaritan who called me was calm and kind and she let me know Colleen wasn’t alone. Thank you to whomever she may be as well as the paramedics and others who were there to help.

And we have been so moved by the comments on the condolences page of Colleen’s obituary as well as cards from individuals and church.

What a horrible thing to live through and with for our family and all who love Colleen. Yet we remain amazed and comforted by strangers in a community we do not know and did not personally know her.

Thank you doesn’t do your kindness justice, but they are the only words I have.


Jeannine O’Bannon, Colleen’s mom