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Letter To The Editor: School Board Should File Proposed Sanctuary Resolution In The Trash As Bad Idea

on November 29, 2017 - 7:12am
Los Alamos
Since no one has shown any need for it, I can only believe that the proposed sanctuary resolution, to be considered again at the next meeting of Los Alamos School Board, is really just an attempt at a political statement.  Nowhere more than our schools is that unacceptable. Nowhere more than our schools should respect for the law be taught, based on, "If you disagree with a law, you must work to change it, not just vote to ignore it."
What the schools should be doing is OBJECTIVELY teaching immigration history so that students can make informed decisions based on an  understanding of what Americans thought and did about immigration in the past, including drastic cuts in immigration about 100 years ago--you know, the immigration history media distort, ignore or pretend never happened?
Media--thanks to imprudent deregulation by Congress in the 1980s and 1990s--is now  owned by a tiny handful of powerful Wall Street interests who have lapped up the financial windfall of cheap labor created by the last two decades of unprecedentedly high immigration. That came with the added bonus of a near-tsunami of illegal border crossers--and politicians willing to look the other way--that has created an employers' market and gutted workers' ability to make gains. Thus, stagnating wages, disappearing benefits and a disappearing middle class.
I read that someone recently commented that students almost seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when they heard the board was moving toward a sanctuary resolution. Yet,  ICE is not sweeping through the halls of our schools or anywhere else, unless patrols along a dangerous center for drug trafficking, our southern border, count. So, if students are worried, it is likely because someone is fear mongering and depicting a situation that doesn't exist.
But I wonder, do those adults know the answers to a few basic immigration questions or are their views based solely on media depictions?
Do they know why some of the nation's founders wanted no immigration or why labor activist Cesar Chavez offered his United Farm Workers to patrol the southern border? Do they know why liberals until recently unfailing supported low immigration and tight border enforcement? Do they know why Earth Day founder Sen. Gaylord Nelson insisted the U.S. must have low or no immigration?
Are they aware that the "give me your huddled masses" motto--that media love to portray as a virtual obligation to welcome, apparently, however hundreds of millions of immigrants--was not originally on the Statue of Liberty, a statue erected for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with immigration?
Do they know why Clinton's Council for Sustainability insisted that immigration NEVER be allowed to fuel U.S. population growth? Do they know what nation today is the world's 3rd most populated behind only China and India and, stands alone amid 7 undeveloped nations to fuel half of all growth on the planet? Do they know what the per capita carbon footprint of a resident of Kenya (or any other nation) is versus that of an American and what that has to do with immigration?
If our educators don't understand immigration at least to the extent of those fundamentals, perhaps we have an example of why those who forget history are doomed to relive it or to paraphrase, are doomed to risk getting it really, really wrong the second time around--wrong for the U.S. and for the planet! 
Come on school board, file this political statement in the trash as a bad idea that could even threaten Department of Energy funding, and that does not teach the fact-based lessons on immigration that you are obliged to teach our young people, if nothing else, to counter media-generated hysteria.