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Letter To The Editor: A Rose Bush, A Sunflower, A Chamisa, And A Few Little Elms

on October 26, 2017 - 7:23am
Los Alamos

We received a really creepy, threatening letter the other day. It seems that a rose bush, a sunflower, a chamisa, and a few little elms on our property pose a danger to pedestrians. Horror.

Walking up to get the mail Saturday when this letter arrived I was annoyed. A cat was eating a bird in the driveway. I first complained about this nasty cat over a decade ago to Animal Control. Twelve years later he is still invading my property daily. Could the guy who photographed our garden maybe come and take his picture?  Maybe he could send it to the dog catcher.

Speaking of dogs, I went and bought a small can of pepper spray for my daughter at Metzgers last week. A big nasty pitbull with golden eyes has a habit of turning up at dinner time weekdays on the Middle School track where she jogs.  It scares her.  Could the guy who took the pictures of our garden maybe go there and get a picture of this dog and send it to the dog catcher too.  I pretty much gave up calling Animal Control after the turn of the century. They are truly useless.

Speaking of my daughter she had already had an incident jogging over Labor Day weekend. Star Paving, the company responsible for last summer's repaving of our street, left barrels, police tape, and some old wire around a cement section of the intersection of Caminos Uva and Cereza. It was a dangerous mess. She caught her shoe jogging home and will probably have a nasty scar forever. Maybe the guy with the camera could take a picture of her knee and send it to Star Paving as a reminder that pedestrian safety MATTERS. The Los Alamos county traffic guy who came out on his day off to clean up this mess was kind though.

Speaking of taking a few more pictures around the house, how about my driveway? During the final phase of the repavement project, heavy equipment crushed a significant portion of the top panel. I was assured it would be repaired by the county construction boss, Eric. It never was. They simply squeezed asphalt over the big, expensive mess. Could your camera guy get a picture of this. It is going to cost my family a fortune to have it properly repaired.

And as long as this ghoulish camera fellow is prancing around our property could he maybe take a picture of our rollcart? It was runover by Star Paving in late July. I was told by the county it would be repaired within a month -- next week is Halloween.

If there ever would have been a memorable moment to have the county camera guy around it would have been the day last June when a fugitive working for Star Paving fled after a fender bender into the canyon behind our house. Long after this man had run off local police and sheriffs sent about half a dozen lunatics with long guns into our backyard looking for him. We had no clue what was going on. All the kids were out in the yard when the gunmen appeared. We thought it was some type of weird drill. I spoke with two councilors, a police boss, and got a truly bizarre letter from the police chief about this nightmarish scenario. They felt they did nothing wrong.

Another great picture for those concerned with pedestrian safety would have been the day last summer when Public Works and Star Paving closed both sidewalks leading to town from the Camino Uva area. My daughters were forced to walk in the road to their jobs at Barranca Pool. I spent all morning calling around to get someone to actually take this seriously. Los Alamos County can be an incredibly dangerous place to be a pedestrian or a cyclist. Has anyone noticed how all construction signs around town have been placed in the worst possible position in bike lanes over the past couple of weeks. If you are too lazy to cycle out and see for yourselves just send your camera guy!!

In closing, would it be possible for each of you councilors to come and take a look at our "dangerous" property? If your inspector with his camera plans on returning on Halloween as planned we must insist on having prior notification. We are a homeschooling family whose children are sometimes in the yard during business hours. Having some county camera inspector lurking among our trees and shrubbery truly would make Halloween frightful.