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Letter To The Editor: A Republican Wants Trump Out Of Office

on October 13, 2019 - 8:49am
Jemez Springs
Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina is a serious conservative. He wants DT (Trump) to be voted out in 2020. He says the USA and the interest on our debt must be addressed, since it is more than our Military budget and more than what our country spends in all areas for Children - our future.
So where is massive spending going, which comes from our taxpayers' dollars? Here's a few items which address the problem:
  • The outlandish prison in Guantanamo, Cuba - since 2002 - wastes $180 Million annually and has added $6 Billion to the Deficit for 17 years, now. Lawyers charging $1,000 hourly work there with the remaining 40 prisoners - who could all be sent to Florence, Colo., which is our country's highest security prison with 400 inmates. Attorneys fly to and from Guantanamo via charter planes, some of which are often empty!
  • DT's useless and ineffective wall on the border - which has diverted Congress' allocations for military funding - has wasted nearly $2 Billion. Furthermore, it is ruining many areas where wildlife and rancher's have had their lands permanently fouled up.
  • The military budget for this year costs us $693,058,000,000 Billion!  Google "War Resistance Military Spending Chart" and view how our taxes are distributed: 25 percent for Current military, 19 percent for Past military, 44 percent for Human resources, 7 percent for General government, and 5 percent for physical resources. Compare our 2019 military budgets with China-Russia-India-Britain-Germany-France-Saudi Arabia and note that their combined expenses do not equal what we are spending in many countries as we act like the World's Police. When searching all global military expenses of $1.6 Trillion (2015), be horrified to see that we spent 37 percent of this amount on our military. For those who wish to verify these facts, Google "compare military budgets USA & Allies."
  • The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report (2016) ranked the USA 10th when measuring infrastructure quality; in 2002 the USA was ranked 5th. This puts us behind Germany, France, Japan and Spain. Hong Kong, Singapore and the Netherlands rank at the top.  Among infrastructure needs in this country, one thinks about: roads, bridges, schools, water treatment plants to name a few. These are needed for economic functioning and growth. Here's where our money needs to go.
  • Listen to National Public Radio via and hear how China - a rising powerhouse country - is spending Three Times More than the USA on resources that lessen their Carbon Footprint on Planet Earth. 
It is clearly time to think about Republican Sanford's message regarding our use of financial resources. How many of us would or even could take our credit cards and carelessly spend on ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities - and not give a rip about limitations? I am thankful for the positive socialism, which Democrat Franklin Roosevelt brought for me and countless millions over many decades. I could not stay up with my bills would I not have Medicare and Social Security.
It pains me greatly to think how my children - now in their 30's - will likely not have the funding which has blessed me. Many Republican politicians in DC keep lavishly spending and in the process steal from such resources. This will mean that those generations coming behind me will be left high and dry ... without what they'll need to live and survive.
Does all this concern other people, whether parents or not? I hope so. The 2020 elections and our voting for concerned politicians is related to the life and health of our land. My prayer is that we Vote for Democrats, if you want needed changes. The current White House Occupant is pushing us over a financial cliff and into a deep hole where few will be able to live. Have Mercy on Us!