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Letter To The Editor: Petition To Nix New Roundabout

on March 18, 2016 - 9:51am

By Joel M. Williams
Los Alamos

Citizens, bikers, and pedestrians, ever wonder how 269 vehicles per hour (>4 per minute), waiting at the stop-sign on Central at N.M. 502, can currently enter the line of vehicles going pass them on N.M. 502 e-bound at the rate of 917 vehicles per hour (>1 vehicle every 4 sec) while vehicles just in front of them are going in the opposite direction at 148 vehicles per hour (>1 vehicle every 30 sec)?

Not easy for them, but they do it, as collected data demonstrate. What these folks need is "some help" in the merging without making things unsafe for biker and pedestrians and tearing up lots of stuff to achieve it.

Traffic on Central does not need the proposed, humongous foot-print of a roundabout to help it, WHILE making things more unsafe for bikers and pedestrians.
Traffic on Central needs just a simple, signalized intersection that helps it merge into the e-bound N.M. 502 flow in the evening, WHILE keeping bikers and pedestrians safe!!
I have recently addressed some physical aspects and how the proposed roundabout will actually perform (click here). 
William Mead has addressed both function and safety (click here).
Christine Weaver presents a pedestrian's view of crossing at a 2-lane roundabout (click here).
Wayne Hardie, although asked to remain past his term on the Transportation Board, has expressed (as a private citizen) his uppermost concerns (click here) about this roundabout.
Khalil Spencer, the current Transportation Board chair, has posted significant concerns (as a private citizen) on the LABikes blog (March 7, 2016 posting - click here). He states, among other issues, that this proposed roundabout IS NOT safe for bikers or pedestrians.

If you are a citizen of Los Alamos and wish to express your desire for our Councilors to request that NM Department of Transportation NOT proceed with this roundabout, but proceed with the design and construction of a simple, signalized intersection for Central-N.M. 502, please click here (click here) and sign the petition saying so.