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Letter To The Editor: Parent And Teacher Melanie Colgan Will Be A Great Addition To Our School Board

on October 21, 2019 - 8:45am
Los Alamos

How nice it is to see that Melanie Colgan is running for School Board District 4 (Barranca and North Mesa communities). From my experience, I always appreciate any time I get to see or work with Melanie.

Our families moved to Los Alamos within a year of each other and her children were a few years behind mine at Barranca Mesa Elementary, so our time on Barranca PTO overlapped. I saw Melanie inspire a sense of balance, calm, enthusiasm and focus to each group she was part of.

She was an exceptional PTO vice president, president and coordinator of the Bobcat Bonanza fundraiser. Team leader and team player, she excels at both, able to work with everyone.

I can see Melanie being a great addition to our school board because she also brings experience as a parent in our school system who works well with teachers and administration, a higher education teacher who sees what our children need to succeed, and a Leadership Los Alamos graduate who is familiar with the workings of our community.

She listens attentively to each person and cares deeply about the people of our community and our schools. 

I trust Melanie Colgan to do what she always does: inspire a cohesive, respectful and effective team. With Melanie on the school board I expect to see its members work together to strengthen the good, improve upon weaknesses and resolve problems in our schools.