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Letter To The Editor: No To Splash Pad

on November 17, 2017 - 10:32am
Los Alamos
Our current County Council seems to think they’re omnipotent! They read into the results of the voter’s wishes by assuming we voted for the “Splash Pad” and other Recreation projects. This is a HUGE assumption on their part!
I can see making improvements to the Golf Course irrigation system, but that’s IT! Any other improvements to the Golf Course can be funded by those that use it. Same thing applies to the Ice Rink.
The real problem I have is the money the Council intends to waste on this so called “Splash Pad”. The County Council has already voted to punish the residents of Los Alamos by jacking up the water rates. Now they want to build a huge water waster by building this stupid Splash Pad.
Just because it recirculates the water does not take into account the amount of water lost due to evaporation. A dry and arid climate such as ours is no place to build something such as this that loses water at a tremendous rate through evaporation.
Not only is this a waste of our tax dollars but is also a waste of one of our most precious resources (fresh water) and is a huge drain on our aquifer.
The Council and Parks and Rec need to perform further studies on the environmental and financial impacts that these “Splash Pads” cause. They need to travel to other places with climates like ours that have these Splash Pads - although I don’t think they’ll find any.
The Los Alamos County Council can go ahead and fix the irrigation system at the Golf Course and the Locker Rooms at the Ice Rink. But they need to quit assuming they know what the people were thinking when they voted down the Rec Bond and don’t waste our tax dollars and water on this frivolous project.