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Letter To The Editor: Following Code Violation Ordinance Issue Closely

on September 20, 2017 - 10:32am
Community member
Home and Business owner

I have been following this Code Violation Ordinance issue closely and wanted to add my two cents. Our neighbors are frustrated. They are being told that they have to undertake large and small home repair projects within unreasonable time limits. People are hurting.

Council members are hearing about this and trying to figure out what to do.

One request made of the public is to meet with councilors individually to talk about specific situations. Councilor James Chrobocinski has met with an affected group and called for emails from others affected to determine the scope of this issue as well as gather a list of specific situations and details.

Council Chair David Israelevitz has met with two residents and wants to meet with others one on one. Councilor Antonio Maggiore wants to meet with folks when he gets back from vacation.

This does not make sense. Why do members of the public have to take time out of their lives to meet with individual councilors? We have a department of OUR County on OUR payroll being charged with over-reach, trespassing, rude behavior and being dismissive when confronted. We have Council members who did not INTEND for this ordinance to cover minor transgressions and are concerned about its enforcement as well as its scope.

The County manager (as I understand it) is the point person who SHOULD be looking into this, listening to community members, and looking for a solution.

The code enforcement officers THEMSELVES need to put together a comprehensive report - including pictures - of every citation/notification issued to date on this ordinance to present to the County manager, council and public. Let's SEE what they are doing out there! Let’s see what level of code violations/notifications are being issued!

Enough of forcing the “victims” into endless loops of process that may or may not do ANY good! Enough of asking the issue-ees to come forward when YOU already have a record of EVERY notice given!

I call on the County manager to address this letter publicly. He has been silent for too long as these discussions have been going on for weeks … if not months. This system of requiring those hurt by County government operations to come to endless meetings and repeat their concerns over and over must stop. The County works for US!

Thanks for reading.