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Letter To The Editor: County Government Overreacts ... Again

on September 21, 2017 - 10:34am
Los Alamos

First the County wants to fine the residents of Los Alamos for weeds and peeling paint. Now they want to fine residents for keeping their trash bins outside? This is a growing trend with our local politicians. All it takes is one little whiny cry baby to file a complaint and the County overreacts.

Every time the County can’t control their wasteful and excessive spending they raise the Utility Rates and Property Taxes. Every time there is a trivial complaint they have a “knee jerk” response without thinking things through. An idiot causes an automobile accident where there was a “Yield” sign. So, the County’s overreaction is to install a “Stop” sign instead. This wouldn’t have changed the outcome. The idiot is still an idiot no matter what sign you put there. But let’s punish everybody!

Now, all of a sudden, we have a “bear problem”?

I have lived in Los Alamos my entire life. We have always had to contend with bears, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, crows and other garbage scavenging animals. This “problem” always happens this time of year when bears are getting ready for hibernation. If they are not getting into the garbage they’re climbing people’s fruit trees. IS THE COUNTY GOING TO FINE RESIDENTS FOR HAVING FRUIT IN THEIR TREES AS WELL?

It’s only until recently, thanks to cell phones and social media, that we have become more aware of their presence in our community. Having these animals around us is part of the charm of living in the mountains. If cohabiting with the wildlife concerns or scares you then you need to move to the big city. This situation does NOT require another “knee jerk” response by our County government!

Something our local government doesn’t seem (or want) to understand is the burden they are putting on those of us who live here. They are constantly coming up with new ways to fine and tax us out of existence. This is no way to attract new business and certainly is a strong deterrent from wanting to live here.

A lot of us NEVER wanted these bins in the first place. I agree that everyone should wait until the morning of collection day to put their “bins” out on the street but the majority of residents in Los Alamos and White Rock do NOT have a place to store these bins “indoors” the rest of the week.

This is NOT a problem that should be solved by punishing the residents but a problem that should be solved by the Environmental Sustainability Board and the County Council getting together and coming up with viable options other than fines and citations.

The County has advertised “locks” for these trash bins and if these are a viable answer to prevent animals from getting into the bins then the County should issue these “locks” to all the residents free of charge.

It’s time that the members of these “Boards” and the County Council lose their elitist attitudes and quit punishing the residents of Los Alamos and White Rock to solve the County government’s problems. Quit making mountains out of mole hills! Board members and the County Council need to develop better ideas than constantly raising rates, raising property taxes, and fining people for every little problem that comes up.