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Letter To The Editor: Central-NM502: Maximal Concrete And Asphalt Or Walker Safety And Some Green Space

on April 3, 2016 - 9:30am
Los Alamos

Calling all Los Alamos citizens,

The planned roundabout at Central-N.M. 502 is NOT the cat's meow that once was touted to us citizens! Below is a pictorial comparison of two options (original NMDOT signalized and the currently planned roundabout).

Have a look at the differences in the footprint of these two options. The planned roundabout is a huge mass of concrete and asphalt. Those who have sought less concrete and asphalt will actually get lots more of it at the expense of green space and pedestrian/biker safety!

The 2007 NMDOT plan  would expand the current "Entry Sculpture" Park by 0.6 acres and connect it to the north side walkways (i.e., filling in where Central and N.M. 502 now interact)! This would provide a very nice mini-park along the current Central-LAPS property. This expanded park would provide:

  • repose for the those occupying the school building; and
  • a safe conduit and stopping off point for those walking from Aspen Ridge, Tewa Loop, the Mesa and Canyon Rim Trail parking, etc., on their way to and from town or Smith's.

There will be no park with the planned roundabout. The roundabout island has no safe entries and would be just a spot to sit in the middle of flowing traffic, if there were. There will be no place of repose for the people occupying the LAPS property nor safe conduit for walkers east of this intersection trying to get into town from the east end.

There should be no question as to which is the BETTER OPTION for our town that touts its great outdoors.

The Los Alamls County Council is hearing a petition about Nixing the planned roundabout at 6 p.m. Tuesday
in Council Chambers. IF you would like to have more park and safer people conditions instead of more concrete and asphalt at this intersection, you need to attend this hearing to express your opinion, as such!