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Jones Also Investigated For Embezzlement In 2005

on October 4, 2017 - 8:05am

Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos Daily Post has obtained police records indicating that Tabatha Jones of White Rock was investigated in 2005 for allegedly stealing money from a former employer. The case was submitted to the First Judicial District Attorney at that time, but no charges were filed.

Jones was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from the non-profit Los Alamos Youth Football and Cheerleading League. She was taken into custody following an interview with Los Alamos Police Det. Ryan Wolking during which she allegedly admitted to having spent the League’s money for personal use.

A report filed by then LAPD Det. Sgt. Reggie Briggle indicates that the employer hired Jones in July 2005 and had noticed unusual shortages during her shift on a number of occasions. The employer gave LAPD video surveillance of a shift showing activity at the cash register showing Jones putting cash from a sale into her pocket after the transaction.

The report states that the video shows Jones removing the cash from her pocket a few minutes later and counting it. Briggle said the employer told him that there had been several days when cash shortages that he pinpointed to Jones’ shift had been determined to be more than $100 and that the shortages had occurred either immediately before or after days when Jones was scheduled to be off work.

Briggle’s report also indicated that another employee told him he had observed Jones walk over to the cash register, remove money and put it in her pocket. The employer gave Briggle details of shortages amounting to $1,400 over the duration of Jones’ employment.

Jones faces a preliminary hearing Oct. 27 in Los Alamos Magistrate Court. LAPD appealed to the community for assistance with their continued investigation of the case and additional charges are expected to be filed.

Anyone with information they feel would help LAPD investigate fraud and embezzlement of League funds may contact Det. Ryan Wolking as soon as possible at or LAPD Dispatch at 505.662.8222.