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Inspirational People: Sharing Positive Traits

on November 30, 2017 - 4:33am
Los Alamos Daily Post

A local resident revealed that he has held another person in town in high esteem – for years – yet never thought to mention it.

“I discovered early in the years I’ve served on boards and worked on community projects with her that she is keenly intelligent, impeccably mannered and always conducts herself on the highest ethical plane … yet it never occurred to me to tell her,” he said.

He was humbled to learn that she for as many years harbored similar opinions of him. Her term on a local board was ending and at her final meeting she thanked him, saying, you serve as such an important role model, always conducting yourself above reproach despite how difficult the topic or heated the discussion.

For more than 20 years these kind, compassionate and principled people crossed paths as they found ways to serve their community. Neither is the type to self-promote or seek accolades. Each simply desires to contribute in positive ways toward making Los Alamos better.

Their story made me wonder how many more people in this community hold others in high regard but fail to mention it. How many people have shared civic and community endeavors and think the world of each other yet keep those opinions to themselves.

Marking inspirational traits in others holds great value and this man ended his story with a promise going forward to verbalize his appreciation to those who inspire him every day by their actions, after all, Los Alamos is brimming with those who are worthy ..., he said.