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How can my group's event be listed in the Los Alamos Daily Post?

The Los Alamos Daily Post doesn't have an events calendar per say, but does have a link at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar that takes readers to the Community Events Calendar, which is maintained by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber keeps track of a large variety of events going on in and around Los Alamos and allows groups to sign up to its calendar system to enter their own events (or you can have the Chamber's staff enter the event for you.) We suggest designating a group member to keep the Chamber’s calendar up to date.

You will see other calendars and schedule links in the same right-hand sidebar area on the Los Alamos Daily Post. Check them all out as it's a great way to discover what's going on.

We also publish "Clark & Kendall's Weekend Preview" usually on Thursdays, that advances local and regional activities and events for the upcoming weekend.

We are happy to run "stories" about your activities. Include a good photo (maximum width 1024 pixels) and a written description of what your group is up to. What we are looking for is more than a calendar listing. Instead it's about prose, personalities and images that tell an interesting story to our readers about your group, its people and your activity. We can't guarantee everything will be published, but we will do our very best, especially if your story is well written and interesting to the general audience.

We would like to thank the Chamber's staff for their hard work in maintaining their events calendar for the entire community. Thank you!

And a big Thank You to our community reporters and photographers who help make the Los Alamos Daily Post a great local and regional news portal. We are growing every day because of YOU!