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Heinrich: Preliminary CBO Score Of Graham-Cassidy

on September 27, 2017 - 7:53am
U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich
WASHINGTON, D.C.  U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee, issued the following statement Sept. 25 after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a preliminary score of Graham-Cassidy.
Although not able to provide point estimates on health insurance coverage and premium increases at this time, the CBO concluded that millions fewer people will have insurance that covers high-cost medical events and Medicaid will be cut by $1 trillion over a decade:
“Republicans’ latest attempt to rush through a partisan bill that affects one-sixth of the economy has been done so haphazardly, it has not yet had a chance to receive a full score from the nonpartisan and independent Congressional Budget Office. What we do know is this—Graham-Cassidy slashes Medicaid funding, increases premiums for millions of Americans, fails to protect those with pre-existing conditions, all while threatening to throw our health care system into chaos. If enacted, Graham-Cassidy would kick 32 million Americans off their health insurance in 2027, and 19 million would lose their Medicaid coverage. We cannot let that happen. Democrats are ready to work with Senate Republicans to return to regular order and continue bipartisan efforts to improve our health care system. But until then, we will continue to fight against the worst TrumpCare bill yet.”