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Governor Susana Martinez Unveils Latest Hard-Hitting Ads To Fight Drunk Driving

on May 4, 2017 - 10:37pm

Gov. Susana Martinez


ALBUQUERQUE — Today, Gov. Susana Martinez announced the latest a series of ads that provide a firsthand perspective of the reality of a DWI arrest. The new ads will play through Cinco de Mayo weekend to encourage New Mexicans not to drink and drive.

“There’s no excuse for driving drunk, and these ads show exactly what happens to those who make the choice to endanger others on our roads,” Governor Martinez said. “Our law enforcement officers are dedicated to keeping New Mexicans safe. If you drive drunk, they will arrest you and you will go to jail. Our families deserve to be safe on our roads, and we’ll continue to do all we can to stop drunk driving in New Mexico.”

The ads are the last of the Reality ad series Governor Martinez first unveiled in December. The entire series can be viewed here. The series follows a drunk driver who is arrested for DWI from the time he is pulled over through his release from jail the next morning. The ads will run through the Cinco de Mayo weekend and will continue to be available online.

“You might think it’s your lucky night – that you might get away with it,” State Police Chief Kassetas said. “Well, think again. If you drink and get behind the wheel, my officers are ready to teach you a life lesson you’ll never forget.”

Governor Martinez has made fighting DWI in her administration a priority. Last year, the Governor enacted legislation that increased penalties against drunk drivers to some of the toughest in the region. The administration also launched a campaign aimed to stop servers and establishments from over-serving alcohol. In addition to the crackdown on DWI offender absconders and DWI bench warrant roundups, Governor Martinez also announced a court monitoring program that placed citizens inside courtrooms in six counties to shed light on how DWI cases are handled.

“I am proud to work with the Governor and law enforcement to help keep drunk drivers off the street,” NMDOT Secretary Tom Church said. “Drunk drivers are wreaking havoc on our highways. It must stop.”