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Denny Erickson Wins 2017 Los Alamos History Award

on October 12, 2017 - 8:52am
Denny Erickson receives 2017 Los Alamos History Award. Courtesy photo
LAHA News:
Denny Erickson has received the 2017 Los Alamos History Award for his outstanding contributions to preserving the world-changing history of Los Alamos and for significant contributions to the organization that leads those preservationefforts.
Erickson, who served as co-chair of the multi-million dollar History is Here fundraising campaign, was president of the Los Alamos Historical Society for three years (2008–2010) and served for a decade on the board of directors.
The award nomination for Erickson stated, “He was president of the Society during a period when we transitioned from a small community non-profit to one of the more active history organizations in the state. As president, Denny presided over a five-year strategic plan that guided us to where we are today. Important elements of that plan motivated our History is Here campaign that raised over $4 million in pledges. Denny served as co-chair of the campaign and was the most influential member of the Guidance Team. In his role as co-chair he initiated the contacts with Clay and Dorothy Perkins, which led to the donation of the Hans Bethe House to the Society. This unanticipated donation completely changed our ability to tell the stories of our remarkable history.”
Additionally, Erickson was instrumental in acquiring the opportunity for the Society’s Bathtub Row Press to publish Doomed to Cooperate, the award-winning book edited by former Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Sig Hecker. The book reveals the story of the collaboration between American and Russian scientists at the end of the Cold War.
In addition to his service to the Los Alamos Historical Society and the community’s history, Erickson has served in numerous civic groups including the Los Alamos County Tourism Working Group and the White Rock Master Plan Committee. Prior to his retirement from Los Alamos National Laboratory, he served as the science advisor to then-Governor Bill Richardson.
The Los Alamos History Award is given annually to those who have demonstrated a volunteer commitment, a depth and breadth of achievement over time, and a lasting impact in sharing the history of Los Alamos. The award is determined through a secret ballot of the Society’s board of directors.
The award was first given in 2014. Helene Suydam and her late husband, Jerry, as well as Clay and Dorothy Perkins, received awards for presenting the Historical Society with historic homes on Bathtub Row. Hedy Dunn, director emeritus of the Los Alamos History Museum, and Nancy Bartlit, former president of the Historical Society, tied for the award in 2015 for their decades of service and dedication to the Society. Georgia and Gerry Strickfaden won the 2016 award for their many contributions to the knowledge and understanding of Los Alamos history.