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Craven Faces New Charge In District Court

on December 4, 2017 - 3:13pm



John Craven, 35, of Los Alamos, has charged with a new offense in Santa Fe District Court just days after he  dodged a Nov. 28 evidentiary hearing on a probation violation before First Judicial District Chief Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer.

The District Attorney’s office failed to have Craven transported for the hearing and Judge Marlowe Sommer dropped the probation violation charge related to seven charges racked up during an Oct. 2 visit to 10,000 Waves Spa.

The probation in question was under a 2014 case where Craven was found guilty of residential burglary and larceny of more than $2,500 and granted a conditional discharge. In October Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist asked for Craven’s probation to be revoked because of the seven new charges and because he has failed to pay probation costs as ordered by the Court.

Records from Adult Parole and Probation officials indicate that Craven has also violated his probation several other times by testing positive for drugs and alcohol, failing to complete community service hours and having an unopened beer can at his residence.

The new charge in Santa Fe District is aggravated burglary (commits battery) and Craven is slated for arraignment Dec. 18.