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County Council To Discuss Old Smith's Building

on October 7, 2017 - 4:51am

County Council Vice Chair Susan O’Leary




A discussion of the former Smith’s building at 535 Central Ave., is being placed on the agenda of a Los Alamos County Council meeting in November.

During the Sept. 26 council meeting, Council Vice Chair Susan O’Leary asked that the topic be put on a future agenda.

“I would like to ask that a council item be added that has a discussion that might be a work session topic about the old Smith’s location and I would suggest that the item include a review by the county manager on the partnership between the County, the public schools and Kroger for the new Smith’s Marketplace,” O’Leary said. “It’s been a long time since that took place and it would be good to remind the public about what the partnership was. I would like to hear an overview from the legal department about the rights Kroger has as a private landowner in the way it can manage its own business so that we can educate the public about what Kroger has the right to do with its property.”

O’Leary also requested that there be an overview of the taxes Kroger pays on that property.

“Obviously the vacant building is a problem for many of us in the community so if there is a way the economic development group could put together some examples of what other communities have done to try to partner or encourage private landlords to work collaboratively with local government ... to address blighted properties … and I think we should invite the Kroger division people to attend the meeting,” O’Leary said.