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Community Invited To Attend Local Tae Kwon Do Fall Belt Promotion Test At LAHS Gym Saturday

on September 12, 2017 - 2:15pm
Scene from local USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association class. Courtesy photo
Scene from local USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association class. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Have you ever considered taking martial arts lessons, but been unsure if you’re able to dedicate the time, or even have the energy for such an endeavor?

The USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association (USATMA) has local branches that meet 8-10 a.m. every Saturday in the Los Alamos Middle School cafeteria, and also meet in three separate classes a week either in a Monday/Wednesday class in White Rock or at the YMCA, or a Tuesday/Thursday class at LAMS. Students in this program are 8 to 90 years old presenting an amazing opportunity for intergenerational interaction.

Each class follows a general structure (although it may vary with the instructor): Starting with a brief run or walk and stretching to warm up, and then proceeding to what is known as “basics” a collection of techniques that is the root of more advanced forms. Each class gradually ascends in complexity and general skill level.   

After this, students are separated based on belt rank to practice and improve upon a certain set of skills correlating to their rank. Occasionally there will be an exercise on Kwango, which is (simply put) a physical target, such as a mat, used to learn to hit or kick properly.  

Most classes include a short practice of “three-step” in which one person takes three steps and punches (no contact) toward their partner who blocks and culminates with a specified attack/defense technique by the defender. Typically, the class will end with what is known as “free-style,” a no-contact sparring session that allows students to put the techniques learned in class into a more tangible practice. Notably, physical fitness levels range tremendously, but the workout is personalized.  No matter what your athletic ability, your workout will be effective and you will make friends in the process.

The annual showcase of the Tae Kwon Do organization is 9-11 a.m. at Los Alamos High School Gymnasium Saturday, Sept. 16. This includes black belts demonstrating their forms, sparring and board breaking with the purpose of advancing their rank in a display is known as a “promotion.” There are three other promotion opportunities throughout the year for yellow, green, purple, and brown belts. However, the September test is the most prominent because it is the only one where students attain their black belt, or advance through levels within their black belt.  

The September event is an honor and privilege for members, as four Masters of the Chung Do Kwan school in the USATMA, including our own Master Ron Geoffrion, convene here in Los Alamos. This test is open to the public for no cost, and is 9-11 a.m. Saturday Sept. 16 at the Los Alamos High School Gymnasium.

The community is invited to come and watch and see the skill progression from lower belt ranks through the upper levels of black belts. This is an amazing opportunity to see what one can achieve through the practice of martial arts, and to see if you would like to join our Tae Kwon Do family.

For further information, contact Master Ron Geoffrion at

Judges from local USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association. Courtesy photo

Local USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association members. Courtesy photo