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Cimarron To Complete Scenic Byway Project

on August 23, 2019 - 7:25am
NMED News:
SANTA FE New Mexico MainStreet and New Mexico Resiliency Alliance announced that Cimarron Alive has received a $12,500 Resilient Communities Fund grant to support the completion of the Scenic Byway Trail project along U.S. 64.
The byway will include historical displays along five blocks that serve as a major tourist attraction and pedestrian access point between Cimarron’s New and Old Town sections. The project seeks to improve the byway’s usability and safety by enhancing the landscape, beautifying the park, and adding a pedestrian crossing, shade structures, street/sign lighting, and a vault restroom.
"Building rural communities and creating jobs in all corners of the state is essential for New Mexico’s future," said Economic Development Secretary Alicia J. Keyes. "Cimarron’s Byway project will have significant impact on the community’s civic pride, business growth and sustainability."
In May 2018, Cimarron was designated by New Mexico MainStreet as part of the Frontier & Native American Communities Initiative. The initiative is project-based and provides support to rural and Native American communities under 7,500 in population. Proposed projects must demonstrate job creation, business development, leveraging private sector investment, or enhancement of a community’s economic environment. New Mexico MainStreet has provided technical services to Cimarron for landscape design, planning assistance, streetscape improvements, branding and design.
"It’s been fascinating to see this project unfold over the last year and half," said New Mexico MainStreet Director Daniel Gutierrez. "We’re providing technical services to Cimarron that will help them complete this fantastic Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway project."
The New Mexico Resiliency Alliance provide the grant to Cimarron Alive via a long-standing partnership with the McCune Foundation for New Mexico MainStreet revitalization projects. The funding was also supported with resources provided by the Waite and Genevieve Phillips Foundation and the Ausherman Family Foundation, each having a vested interest in supporting Cimarron’s revitalization.
"Our partnership with New Mexico MainStreet ensures that small grants stimulate positive change in New Mexico communities," said President of the New Mexico Resiliency Alliance Erick Aune. "We’re inspired by the efforts of Cimarron’s residents to strengthen economic resiliency in the area."
Cimarron Alive, a local nonprofit corporation, is instrumental in advancing the community’s revitalization efforts. "This is very exciting," said President of Cimarron Alive Jim McGillivray. "We’re grateful for the support we’re receiving from New Mexico MainStreet and its funding partners. This grant helps build momentum for our ongoing fundraising efforts to complete our Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway Placemaking project."
“Placemaking plays a significant role in the life of our rural communities. Thank you, Secretary Alicia J. Keyes, for supporting our Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway project,” said Julie Phillips Puckett of The Waite and Genevieve Phillips Foundation and Philmont Ranch committee member.
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