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Author And National Speaker Sonja Corbitt Discusses Upcoming Spiritual Retreat For Women

on September 21, 2017 - 6:59am

Sonja Corbitt is the featured speaker at a special spiritual retreat designed just for women Saturday, Oct. 14 at IHM. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Daily Post

During a recent interview from her home in Tennessee, popular Catholic author and speaker Sonja Corbitt discusses her upcoming spiritual retreat in Los Alamos designed just for women.

Corbitt is the author of several books. She explained that the upcoming retreat will focus on topics taken from two of her books, “Unleashed: How to receive everything the Holy Spirit wants to give you” and

“Fearless: Conquer your demons and love with abandon”.

“Unleashed is important because God is always working in our lives,” Corbitt said. “We will look at ways to discern patterns … ‘pop quizzes’ where the Holy Spirit is working in our lives to increase our faith.”

The second topic, “Fearless”, is about figuring out how to work with God … how to follow Him more closely and love him without fear, she said.

“We finish the day with ‘Love the Word’ … which is learning to do all that with the scriptures,” Corbitt said.

Corbitt is a Southern Baptist convert of eight years. She has conducted retreats across the country but this is her first visit to New Mexico.

She strives to help women find freedom through the grace of God and the intercession of the Holy Spirit.

“I’ve been called to do this,” Corbitt said. “I take that calling very seriously and I try my very best to keep my life pure.”

Corbitt is married with two sons. She has been featured on EWTN’s “Journey Home” and earlier this month was a week-long guest on EWTN’s “Women of Grace”, relating her personal journey of faith from an evangelical Baptist to Catholicism and her second book, “Fearless” which was published last year.

She is well-known for her weekly podcasts as “the Bible Study Evangelista”, where she delivers an uplifting message about how God, in his continual pursuit of people, speaks to them through the positive and powerful circumstances of life, their relationships and his Word.

Her current weekly series podcast, “Healing the Father Wound,” addresses much of the material covered in her first book, Unleashed, where she relates her difficult relationship with her father and how that experience eventually led her to the Catholic Church and her call to ministry, especially with women who might be undergoing similar challenges reconciling difficult relationships with their parents.

Corbitt’s Los Alamos retreat is limited to 100 women and will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday Oct. 14, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Hall at 3700 Canyon Road. Tickets are $30 advance sale only and available in the IHM Parish Office.

The event is sponsored by IHM and coordinated with help from the IHM First Saturday Women’s Group. Visit the IHM website at to view an event flyer with more details. For more information on Sonja Corbitt, visit