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American Federation Of Teachers New Mexico Reacts To NM PED Hearing On Proposed Science Changes

on October 17, 2017 - 11:20am
President Stephanie Ly
AFT News:
SANTA FE  American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement:
“Today, hundreds of New Mexicans spoke out against the proposed science curriculum changes being proposed by the New Mexico Public Education Department, Secretary-Designate Christopher Ruszkowski, and Governor Susana Martinez. After hours of testimony, it is abundantly clear New Mexicans definitively reject the sub-standard, adulterated so-called ‘STEM-Ready New Mexico’ Next Generation Science Standards being proposed by an administration which is more concerned with appeasing their political masters than pursuing what is best for New Mexico’s students, schools, educational professionals, and our communities.
“After hearing testimony from students, educators, scientists, members of the clergy, and concerned citizens from all corners of our State, it is incumbent upon Secretary-Designate Ruszkowski – despite his absence at today’s hearing – to abandon these ill-conceived standards in favor of theNext Generation Science Standards as they are written, without redactions, omissions, or alterations for the sake of political expediency.
“We call on all New Mexicans and all of New Mexico’s public school districts to reject these poorly crafted standards and demand the NM PED put our students first by adopting science standards based on the consensus of the science community, and not force New Mexico educators to teach curriculum based on junk science. Anything less is a disservice to our public schools, and an abdication of the responsibility of the NM PED to ensure all students are provided with the best education possible.”