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LANL: Breakthrough Antibacterial Approach Could Resolve Serious Skin Infections

on August 26, 2014 - 7:48am

Artist’s rendition of a cross section of skin layers (stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis) showing topical application of an ionic liquid for combating a skin-borne bacterial infection. The ionic liquid can be formulated with antibiotics for transdermal drug delivery or it can directly kill the bacteria infesting the skin surface. Image by Peter Allen/ UCSB

LANL News:

  • Los Alamos and partners test ionic liquids to break bacterial biofilm layer and save lives

Like a protective tent over a colony of harmful bacteria, biofilms make the treatment of skin infections especially difficult.

JILA Team Finds First Direct Evidence Of 'Spin Symmetry' In Atoms

on August 25, 2014 - 11:10am

Illustration of symmetry in the magnetic properties—or nuclear spins—of strontium atoms. JILA researchers observed that if two atoms have the same nuclear spin state (top), they interact weakly, and the interaction strength does not depend on which of the 10 possible nuclear spin states are involved. If the atoms have different nuclear spin states (bottom), they interact much more strongly, and, again, always with the same strength. Image by Ye and Rey groups and Steve Burrows/JILA

NIST News:

Just as diamonds with perfect symmetry may be unusually brilliant jewels, the quantum world has a

DOE Dedicates New National Security Campus

on August 24, 2014 - 9:24am

National Security Campus in Kansas City. Courtesy/NNSA

DOE News:

  • New Facilities Are Part of NNSA's Effort to Transform Cold War Era Infrastructure into a 21st Century Nuclear Security Enterprise

KANSAS CITY – Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz was joined by the Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz, United States Air Force (Ret), U.S. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver II and Vicky Hartzler, and other local officials Friday to officially dedicate the new National Security Campus in Kansas City.

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Overnight Crash Closes Truck Route All Day

on August 23, 2014 - 7:45pm

The truck route has been closed since 6 a.m. today, according to a guard at the scene. He explained that a woman crashed her vehicle into an electrical pole overnight, which knocked out power all day to the nearby mobile home park, Royal Crest at 2025 E. Jemez Road. He added that the woman was complaining of chest pain and trouble breathing following the crash and was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center with unknown injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation. The guard did not know when power would be restored or the truck route reopened. Photo by Carol A.

WIPP: Samples Taken From Materials Surrounding Suspected Waste Drum In Underground Facility

on August 23, 2014 - 11:10am


WIPP News:

Workers entered the underground facility to collect additional samples Aug. 15, in support of the Accident Investigation Board’s (AIB) ongoing investigation into the cause of the February radiological event at WIPP.

The AIB requested additional samples of the materials surrounding the waste drum that is the suspected source of the radiological release in Room 7 of Panel 7. The samples will be sent to offsite laboratories for analysis in an effort to further evaluate what types of material were released from the drum at the time of the event.

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Entire Manhattan Project History Declassified And Online

on August 23, 2014 - 10:55am

Cover of Manhattan District History - Book 1, Volume 1. Courtesy/DOE

DOE News:

General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Engineer District, in late 1944 commissioned a multi-volume history of the Manhattan Project called the Manhattan District History.

Prepared by multiple authors under the general editorship of Gavin Hadden, a longtime civil employee of the Army Corps of Engineers, the classified history was "intended to describe, in simple terms, easily understood by the average reader, just what the Manhattan District did, and how, when, and where."

The Office of Classification and

Robots Wow Crowd At Bradbury Science Museum

on August 23, 2014 - 6:52am

Robotics Night at the Bradbury Science Museum, 1350 Central Ave., was a big hit Friday. Operators and their robots of different sizes, shapes and uses from Legobots to Bomb Squad robots showed off their skills and dazzled the crowd. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Ready! Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Set! Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Goal! Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/