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Los Alamos County Dedicates Smart House Artwork

on October 3, 2017 - 5:27pm

From left, Arts in Public Places (APP) Board Chair Susie Schillaci, Artist Alexander Scheinker, Photographer Minesh Bacrania, APP Board Member Britton Donharl and APP Vice Chair Jeremy Smith cut the ribbon this afternoon to officially dedicate the artwork that was formerly in the Smart House and now resides in an alcove on the second floor of the Los Alamos County Municipal Building. Other artwork featured in the alcove was created by artists Kevin Box and Umi Raby who were unable to attend today's dedication. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Arts in Public Places Board Member Britton Donharl explains this is the second time the Smart House's artwork has been dedicated. The artwork was first dedicated in 2012 at the Smart House. Donharl said the art that was chosen was site specific. Since it was for a house, the artwork was on a smaller scale and since the Smart House was a collaboration between the Department of Public Utilities and New Energy and Industrial Technology Department Organization in Japan, the art reflected an Asian style. Additionally, Donharl said the alcove's turquoise paint reflects the turquoise niche in the Smart House where the art was orginally displayed. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Local artist Alexander Scheinker discusses his artwork during Tuesday's dedication. His art hangs on the second floor lobby of the Municipal Building. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ 

Los Alamos County Visual Information Specialist Leslie Bucklin and Photographer Minesh Bacrania check out his photographs during the art dedication today at the Municipal Building. Photo by Kirsten laskey/

Arts in Public Places Board Member Jeremy Smith looks at Minesh Bacrania's photographs this afternoon before the art dedication ceremony. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ 

Arts in Public Places Chair Susie Schillaci speaks during the art dedication ceremony today at the Los Alamos County Municipal Building. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/