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Letter To The Editor: What Would We Do Without United Way Of Northern New Mexico?

on October 25, 2017 - 2:15pm
LAFC Board

What would we do without United Way of Northern New Mexico? The short answer is that many resources in the area would cease to exist and many people who need support would receive no help.

Los Alamos Family Council has received annual United Way funding since we opened in 1963—one of the original agencies to get community funding. We and many other small, local non-profits would be closed without United Way.

That annual funding is invaluable but this year United Way did even more. They became aware that we lost a grant that helped clients with high co-pays and high deductibles and stepped up to provide special funding so those folks could continue their services.

And we aren’t the only nonprofit to get special help. UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega and her excellent staff keep in touch with their service area needs and offer a hand. Their support is making real difference in individual peoples’ lives.

Thank you, United Way, and thank you to all those who donate to make United Way’s support possible.