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Chamisa Elementary School Celebrates America Recycles Day Recycle Art Show 2017

on November 19, 2017 - 7:24am

Fashionistas with emcee Joyce Haven at the Chamisa Recycle Art Show Nov. 15 at Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Caroline Khan models a shopping bag dress. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Maison Griffin models an outfit using a recycled t-shirt and yarn. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga


The Chamisa Recycle Art Show was held Nov. 15 in celebration of America Recycles Day. Students created artwork made from recycled materials to display around the school.

The evening began with everyone participating in make & take art projects using trash items. The event culminated with a fashion show featuring student and family created outfits.

The Los Alamos Cooperative Market and Los Alamos County Environmental Services sponsored prizes for the contestants and volunteers. Frontier Frames of Santa Fe provided mat board remnants and Plexiglas for recycled art projects.

Sara Khan dressed a table cloth and a drape made with packaging filler. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Veronica Senft used New Mexico State Fair art show ribbons to make an elegant skirt. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Pauline Stephens created a dress out of a bag used for drycleaned clothing. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Kylie Shrader created a dress and matching bag accessory with bubble wrap. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Jillian Lewis made an adornment for her hair and lei from waterbottles. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Cheyenne Haag made a recycled wrapping paper dress. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Sonyia Williams LAHS - National Honor Society student volunteer helps with recycled CDs. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Tammy Hinckley showing her toilet paper tube flower. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Kaoru Shimada, left, is a volunteer from the Los Alamos High School Key Club and National Honor Society folding magazine paper butterflies. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

Jordan Jones, LAHS National Honor Society member, right, volunteers at the art show helping students from Chamisa. Photo by Renee Mitsunaga

From left, Fashionista Andrea Lynch, Chamisa Principal Suzanne Lynne and Tiffany Pegoda from Los Alamos County Environmental Services.